When we consider refreshing the interior d├ęcor of our home, most of the time, our thoughts will jump straight to the walls, floors, and soft furnishings. However, updating your interior doors is a brilliant and straightforward way of transforming the whole look and feel of your house. Here are some ideas to help you get started!


  1. Add panels to plain doors

If you have time for a DIY project, adding panels onto a plain interior door is a very simple process, and instantly adds classic character and elegance to a bland door. The easiest method is to simply glue some moulding or trim in rectangular sections on the door, and finish with a coat of paint.

Alternatively, you could purchase a set of sculpted raised door panels to glue onto a plain door. These also look great on cupboards, wardrobes, and bookcases.


  1. Incorporate glazed panels

Replacing solid internal doors with fully glazed or glazed panel doors will help to flood your home with mood-boosting natural light. They are an excellent compromise when you want the spaciousness and light of an open plan layout, but also want to retain some sound or heatproofing between rooms.

For rooms where extra privacy is required, consider sandblasted opaque glass. There are also many glazed doors available with beautiful coloured or monochrome designs which are partially or completely incorporated into the panels.


  1. Change the door handles

Switching functional steel handles for some luxury interior door knobs will instantly lift the whole feel of your room, giving it that stamp of individuality. Create interest with hexagonal shapes, or go for a touch of class with brass or gold. Whether your style is sleek and contemporary, vintage boho, or cosy country cottage, there are many types to choose from.