This year more than ever, we all crave an elegant living space which lifts the mood and is a pleasure to spend time in. Even if you don’t want the disruption of a complete overhaul of the interior of your home, there are some easy upgrades that will make a big difference. Here are a few ideas.


  1. High-end finishing touches

The addition of some luxurious materials, such as ceramic internal door handles, can transform the overall feel of a home. Attention to detail can say as much as big statement pieces when it comes to interior décor. Small but well thought out touches put an individual stamp on a room and draw everything together.


  1. Sumptuous fabrics

Reupholstering a chair in velvet, or even simply buying some velvet cushion and pillow covers, can give an ultra-luxe look to your home, House Beautiful magazine explains. Velvet is a very welcoming and tactile fabric, which is set off beautifully by polished brass accessories. Silk curtains and Egyptian cotton bedclothes will also add style and glamour.


  1. Statement lighting

Adding a focal point to every room with a bold lighting arrangement will make the interior feel complete. Luxury Lifestyle Magazine explains. Chandeliers are still a popular choice for a feature pendant light, as are more quirky contemporary designs. Kitchens, hallways, and dining areas in particular require well designed lighting schemes.


  1. Create some space

A more spacious home needn’t take an extension or garage conversion, although these are both good options if you have the time. For a simpler approach, think about new furniture arrangements which will make better use of awkward spaces. There are plenty of clever storage solutions around, such as drum stools, floating shelves, or lidded box coffee tables.