Autumnal Interior Inspiration 

Autumn for us at Pushka Home is one of our favourite times of the year. A time where slippers become mandatory, showers last a little longer and ‘time for tea?’ is said a whole lot more. Naturally, our wardrobes warrant a refresh at this time, as flip flops and linen trousers soon become a thing of the past; but what about our homes? This wonderful space deserves a little autumnal makeover too; and besides it’s always nice for a change of scene especially when the setting is one we see rather often in this current climate! Bringing cosy autumnal touches to your home really is very simple and does not have to cost a fortune! As we find so often here, it’s always the small details that achieve greater changes.

So how do you introduce a touch of autumn to your home? There are many tips and tricks to achieve this but we have narrowed down our firm favourites and detailed these below.

A Sense Of Warmth

Autumn oozes warmth, it’s a time of year when scarfs become a staple and the boiler man is back in action. But how do you convey a feeling of warmth through interiors aesthetics? Simple, wrap your furniture up as you would want to be dressed in the colder climate… from bedspreads, to throws, soft rugs to draft excluders, essentially you are adding an extra layer of warmth to your furniture. Ensuring here that the tones boast that hue of autumn (think warm golds, dark greens and deep reds).


An Amber Accent

When we think of autumn, amber and golden tones are often top of the list for pallet colour choices. However, re-painting a wall to match the changing season whilst a lovely idea can feel a bit extreme! Instead we would suggest introducing subtle accents of warm and cosy colours through both natural décor and home accessories. You can have lots of fun with seasonal flower displays and table décor props such as conkers and pinecones. Warm cups of coffee and tea will fast be becoming a staple so why not invest in some brass finished coasters to add further warmth to your room too.


A Touch Of Texture

Scrumptious and snuggly textures are a great way to naturally create more of a visual statement and cosier aesthetic. There are lots of ways you can do this but a really easy and in-expensive touch is by mixing up scatter cushions and throws, swapping out lighter more summery colours for more autumnal tones with varying textures. Here adding character and an immediate sense of cosiness.

Layering materials is also a great way to achieve more texture in your home. A very easy switch is to replace one central picture frame with a number of smaller ones, whether this is on a mantelpiece, shelf or side table this trick will naturally create further depth and interest to any display.


A Seasonal Scent & Glow

Making a space feel cosy is about appealing to all your senses with scent and light being of no exception. We all know that no cosy setting is complete without the added touch of a scented candle. Candles have the innate ability to cast a rich and warm feel throughout a room and help to achieve a homely ambience. Consider autumnal aromas like, fig, oak, pine and spiced fruit, these are all perfect cues to transform your space into a snuggly autumnal haven.


A Cottagecore Embrace

In recent times, ‘cottagecore’ has become a new way of life. Essentially, it’s a romanticised interpretation of rural life; focusing on a more natural and self-sufficient way of living. Hero’ing elements of this natural aesthetic in your home is a wonderful way of enhancing that autumnal feel. From homemade baking (banana bread has become a firm favourite in our office recently!) through to second hand, slightly weathered literature. Displaying these elements throughout your home is an easy yet powerful cue to the natural world.

We hope you enjoyed and found this piece useful- hopefully from the comfort of a snuggly sofa, with your slippers firmly on!