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Home Decor

  1. How Copper Handles Match Beauty And Health

    How Copper Handles Match Beauty And Health
    There are many great options for metal doorknobs and handles, and there is no doubt that you can enhance a sense of rugged, rustic charm using copper kitchen handles.
  2. Top Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

    Top Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid
    If you’re planning to revamp your kitchen in the near future, there are some design mistakes that you might want to be aware of so you can steer clear of them.
  3. 5 Bedroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

    5 Bedroom Design Mistakes To Avoid
    Your bedroom should be a luxurious sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world, it also needs to be a practical and comfortable space where you can rest and take care of your wellbeing
  4. A Guide To Minimalism And Maximalism

    A Guide To Minimalism And Maximalism
    The modernism movement unfolded as it moved away from using traditional building and design materials and instead began to focus on industrial materials.
  5. Impress Your Guests When Lockdown Ends

    Impress Your Guests When Lockdown Ends
    Like any room in the house, your relationship with the place where food is prepared and eaten is likely to be far more intimate than in those halcyon days before the pandemic.
  6. Three Interior Design Choices Which Can Make Or Break A Home

    Three Interior Design Choices Which Can Make Or Break A Home
    Here are three particular examples of design choices that can be contentious when you show them to others.
  7. Design Ideas For A Luxury Home Office

    Design Ideas For A Luxury Home Office
    With the help of some carefully curated luxury home accessories, here are some top design ideas for a better home office.
  8. 6 New Kitchen Trends For 2021

    6 New Kitchen Trends For 2021
    The kitchen is a hub for socialising, cooking, eating, and working, so it is important to strive for a design that finds the balance between function and beauty.
  9. Metallic Fittings Enhance North London Renovation

    Metallic Fittings Enhance North London Renovation
    A couple of architects in north London have used various metal elements in transforming their flat and giving it a spectacular new look.
  10. Expected Interior Trends in 2021

    Expected Interior Trends in 2021
    With the new year still young, the question of what kinds of trends will emerge in home interior design has yet to be answered with any certainty, but that hasn’t stopped many from trying.
  11. 4 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Luxury Interiors Inspo

    4 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Luxury Interiors Inspo
    The internet is a wonderful place to find new ideas and inspiration for your living spaces at home and Instagram is an especially useful resource.
  12. 7 Top Tips To Achieve An Industrial Interior Design Scheme

    7 Top Tips To Achieve An Industrial Interior Design Scheme
    Whenever you embark on a home improvement project, the key to success is always planning and forethought.
  13. Top Interior Design Trends For 2021

    Top Interior Design Trends For 2021
    As our homes have become increasingly the centre of our lives, many of us have turned to interior design. Here are three trends that are set to define 2021.
  14. Top Luxury Interior Trends For 2021 Revealed!

    Top Luxury Interior Trends For 2021 Revealed!
    If you want to take your interior to a truly luxe level, what trends should you be watching and incorporating into your own home?
  15. Hot Interior Design Trends For The Next 12 Months

    Hot Interior Design Trends For The Next 12 Months
    Every year, Pinterest not only reports on the most popular trends of the year but makes predictions on what the next big interior design trends will be.
  16. How To Tap Into The Bathroom Maximalism Trend

    How To Tap Into The Bathroom Maximalism Trend
    One trend that’s expected to be big in the world of interior design as we move into 2021 is bathroom maximalism.
  17. What Parts Of Your Christmas Style Should Last?

    What Parts Of Your Christmas Style Should Last?
    Here is how to create a luxurious Christmas atmosphere that lasts beyond the new year.
  18. Home Design Trends Looking Forward To 2021

    Home Design Trends Looking Forward To 2021
    If you’re ready to wave goodbye to 2020, then say hello to these three 2021 trends.
  19. This Year’s Christmas Decoration Trends

    This Year’s Christmas Decoration Trends
    Christmas is a time for decorations that glitter and sparkle, but it’s also a time to be creative and experimental.
  20. Give Your Space A Hotel Feel

    Give Your Space A Hotel Feel
    Giving your room a refresher can not only give you a swish hotel feel, but the renewed space can help you sleep better, too. Here are a couple of tips on how to get that home hotel vibe…
  21. The Hottest Colour Trends On The Horizon

    The Hottest Colour Trends On The Horizon
    So hot home décor trends are just what we need to keep us warm as the weather starts to get colder. Let’s take a look at the hottest colour trends of 2021…
  22. Top Tips For A Mid-Century Modern Look

    Top Tips For A Mid-Century Modern Look
    Mid-century modern design is sleek and timeless, so it’s no wonder that it’s a consistently popular choice for homeowners the world over…
  23. Pushka Home X The Pink Ribbon Foundation

    2020 has been a powerful reminder of how the choices we make, and the actions we carry out have the ability to help and protect the most vulnerable amongst us. That more than ever is true when it comes to people facing cancer. That is why this year, we at Pushka Home wanted to help a little where we could...
  24. Why leather? Why our leather?

    In the past cattle hide was predominantly used to line luxury car interiors and bind books… Fast forward to the current day and leather has adopted a whole new role. Securely establishing itself as a key material within the interior world. It’s versatility and adaptable nature contributes towards its popularity. From large furniture fixtures to subtle interiors by way of...
  25. How To Achieve That Scandi Kitchen Look

    How To Achieve That Scandi Kitchen Look
    The ever-popular Scandi style can transform your kitchen, introducing the Nordic sense of ‘hygge’ into your home, perfect for when autumn arrives.
  26. Have You Come Across The Painted Arch Trend Yet?

    Have You Come Across The Painted Arch Trend Yet?
    One big trend to have emerged recently is the painted arch, a very beautiful and very achievable design feature that works in any room of the house.
  27. It’s All About Colour Right Now!

    It’s All About Colour Right Now!
    Colourful design has been popular for a while, but it’s become a focus for many in 2020, no doubt driven in large part by us being at home a lot so much.
  28. 5 Interior Design Ideas For Summer 2020

    5 Interior Design Ideas For Summer 2020
    Here are 5 themes that seem to be flourishing on Instagram and Pinterest that can be implemented in any home!
  29. Will Open-Plan Living Come To An End In 2020s?

    Will Open-Plan Living Come To An End In 2020s?
    While there are still lots of great reasons to adopt open-plan layouts in your house, the next decade could see us return to more modular spaces.
  30. Decluttering ‘Key To Interior Design’

    Decluttering ‘Key To Interior Design’
    Many homeowners want to make their house or apartment stand out, but some fall into the trap of buying lots of knick-knacks to do this.
  31. Top Items To Brighten Up Your Home Decor

    Top Items To Brighten Up Your Home Decor
    A recent magazine article revealed some of the home decor essentials we should be looking at while under lockdown, according to the publication’s editors.
  32. How To Create A Truly Stylish Nursery

    How To Create A Truly Stylish Nursery
    For mums and dads-to-be, there’s nothing more special than doing up a nursery but it can be hard enough to pull a look together.
  33. Hot Interior Trend: Biophilia

    Hot Interior Trend: Biophilia
    Biophilia is about focusing on loving nature and man’s innate attraction to all things leafy and green, elements of the natural world.
  34. Mix & Match Our Gold Brass Home Accessories

    Mix & Match Our Gold Brass Home Accessories
    Gold home décor accessories are the perfect way to add some luxury to any room and are a fantastic way to add timeless style that is guaranteed to add a wow factor. 
  35. Create Elegance & Timeless Style With Our Copper Home Décor

    We have a wide array of unique copper home décor accessories which are excellent for inserting style and warmth to any home interior.  Our stylish copper home accessories go well with traditional or contemporary rooms and can be used in kitchens to adorn your kitchen furniture, in bedrooms to inject timeless elegance and in bathrooms to create a vintage look...
  36. Add Glamour & Light To Your Room With Our Crystal Glass Home Décor Range

    Add sophistication to your interior rooms with our stylish and elegant crystal home décor.  Ideal for creating illusion of more light and space in small rooms or likewise great for making large spaces look grander and more glamorous.  All our crystal glass designs include 100% genuine high grade K9 crystal ensuring quality and appeal. Being both classic and modern, glass...
  37. Makeover Your Door & Add Some Curb Appeal To Your Front Entrance With Our Gold Door Accessories

    Give your entrance and door a gorgeous makeover with our timeless brass gold door accessories to decorate your external doors.  You can add some curb appeal and a luxurious look to your door with our new brass sprung letter plates, our brass centre door knobs, our brass door knockers and our gold art deco house numbers. Our brass décor accessories...
  38. Mix & Match Our New Luxury Contemporary Chrome Internal Mortice Door Knobs To Suit Your Decor

    Mix and match our new luxury chrome contemporary internal mortice door knobs according to your interior room colours to suit your décor needs.  Available in an assortment of colours our newest coloured mortice door knobs are perfect for adding style, colour and modernity to any internal room door. Made with a sturdy metal chrome base and surround and with a...
  39. Bring A Touch Of Luxury & A Warm Glow Into Your Home With Our Brass Home Decor

    Bring in a warming shiny glow with our decorative brass home accessories.  They are an effortless way to add glamour to any tired room and can easily be incorporated into any décor style from modern to contemporary or traditional. Whether scattering around for an elegant touch in a brass themed bedroom or throughout your home for an opulent ornate décor style...
  40. Our Cream Crackled Mortice Door Knobs Set A Traditional Look

    Our cream ceramic crackled mortice door knob pairs will be sure to spruce up your doors with their classic and timeless crackled style.  The pair features a crackled effect and comes with an antique brass base colour.  Ideal for a traditional look, a vintage style decor or for contemporary interiors.  Their cream colour ensures that they go with many colours...
  41. Make Your Room Look Contemporary, Light & Airy With Our Glass Knobs

    Glass can be incorporated into any interior in a variety of ways through architecture in large windows, doors, walls or conservatories but can also be done by adding glass decorations scattered about in a creative manner. Using glass decor is an effortless way to transform a space as it provides an endless array of choice of products with which you...
  42. Sophisticated Timeless Clock Face Mortice Door Knobs Pair & Matching Knob

    You’ll be sure to clock up some fans with these unique mortice door knobs that feature a white with black clock face design that elegantly displays the word Paris on it and has a silver rim edging on it.  Their stunning sophisticated look are sure to add lustre to any room, entrance or hallway. It’s made of quality ceramic porcelain...
  43. Inspire A Playful Tone With Our Multi-Colour Polka Dot Spots Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

    If you are looking for a way to create or add to an interior surrounding that is light hearted, playful and colourful then these multi-colour spotted polka dot ceramic porcelain mortice door knobs are perfect.  These fun and peculiar door knobs come as a pair and are complete with the spindle bar and screws fixings and are spring loaded.  Ideal for internal...
  44. Create Allure & A Charming Atmosphere With These New Sophisticated Candle Holders

    You can help create a special mood any day of the week with these candle holders that will hold your candles in place whilst instilling style to your interior décor.  They can inject an instant appeal and ambience to any room with a table. These new contemporary, stunning and stylish candle holders are available in solid matte brass gold and...
  45. Achieve An Understated Elegance With Our Timeless Ceramic Stamp Knob

    One of our classic originals, sold since 2009, our ceramic stamp design cupboard knob is sure to make a subtle but effective transformation on any furniture.  These white coloured ceramic porcelain beauties can transform a piece of furniture with the minimum of fuss as they are easy to install.  Their subdued minimalistic design can complement many interior styles. You can...
  46. Decorate Your Front Door(s) With Our New Sleek Matte Brass Door Knockers

    Your house guests and visitors can announce themselves with style at your front door with our contemporary quality sleek brass door knockers which come in a vertical or square shape and have a matte brass finish.  These knockers are beautifully weighty and will add a modern feel and curb appeal to your house door entrance. Perfect as a housewarming gift...
  47. Give A Gift That Will Be Admired & Cherished This Christmas With Our Personalised Photo Bauble

    Celebrate or commemorate a special moment, event or unforgettable person(s) this Christmas with our Personalised Photo Christmas Tree Bauble Decoration which is made in the UK and created by our handy elves. Our unique tree decoration makes a perfect and thoughtful keepsake for capturing and showcasing your memories this festive, joyous time of year with an optional message on the...
  48. White & Grey Striped Mortice Door Knobs

    You can make your room stir up subtle sophistication and modernity by layering grey tones and whites but you can also make colours pop out by mixing grey, neutrals and bright colours together.  Grey tones are the moody shades of the moment and our grey striped ceramic mortice door knobs will help create vibe to any neutral interior in keeping...
  49. Reveal Subtle Elegance With These White & Silver Curtain Holdbacks

    White Patterned Curtain Holdbacks Our decorative white with silver front patterned detail ceramic curtain holdbacks are a lovely way to draw back your curtains and to secure them in place to allow light to flow into your rooms whilst revealing a subtly elegant embellishing feature.  They have both an ornamental appeal and practical use. Sold as a pair, these...
  50. Glitzy Art Deco House Numbers

    You can create an eclectic vibe with these Art Deco style house door numbers which fuse modern and decorative features.  They are available in brass gold and chrome silver and are the epitome of Art Deco with their sleek texture and design which radiates an anti-traditional elegance.  These gorgeous numbers are made from solid brass with a matte coloured gold...
  51. Beautiful Crystal Clear Diamond Shaped Knobs

    You can inject interest, sparkle and elegance with these striking crystal clear knobs that are made with the finest quality K9 crystal and have a classic diamond shape with a silver base colour.  Available in three sizes you can purchase the one that best suits you (Small is 30mm diameter, Medium is 40mm diameter, and Large is 50mm diameter).  These...
  52. Copper Cabinet Knobs & Handles

    Shape up and shake up your interior furniture with our brand new elegant and contemporary, round, square and hexagonal shaped copper cupboard knobs which ooze style and sophistication in a minimalist way. They are solid brass with a copper plating.  They weigh about 160 grams to 222 grams each depending on the shape but we think this adds to their...
  53. Beautiful Drinks Coasters In Metallic Colours

    Transform and dress your dining room furniture with our copper, silver or gold coasters that will add a touch of elegance to your interiors.  Perfect if you already have a copper, silver or gold theme or if you have a mix of metallic accents or can also pair them with raw, natural materials like wood to create a style.  The...
  54. Modern Bathroom Light Pulls For Your Bathroom Home

    Add a touch of gold, silver or copper with these lustrous metallic light pulls which are sure to enhance any interior with glamour, shine and sophistication. Our stylish light pulls come with a hammered effect and are metal plated.  Choose from a copper light pull, a silver light pull or a gold light pull to suit many interior styles. The...
  55. Pushka It's Your Birthday, Happy Birthday Pushka Home!

    Happy Birthday Pushka Home!  Birthdays are a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year.  It is also a time to look forward to the future. Today we celebrate our 7th birthday since we started trading in 2009. However, this is a special birthday as it’s our 1st as a homeware company.  In January this year...
  56. Grand Designs Live 5 Years Ago!!

    It's strange how things only seem like yesterday! 5 years ago at our first Grand Designs Live show...Flashback. We only stocked 60 designs and got a last minute stand which was far more space than we needed but we went for it and had a great show.  It was a great buzz seeing people interact with the product for the...
  57. The Dos and Don’ts of Upcycling

    Upcycling is now a well-established way of reviving much loved items around the home. From some stunning examples of clothing being completely re-worked on the Great British Sewing Bee to much simpler, yet as effective upcycling like reviving a tired chest of drawers with a set of new handles. As with any idea that takes off (especially one that ends...
  58. Bring the Outdoors In Decorate With Natures Colours

    If, like us, you are looking forward to the Great British Summertime, but are determined not to let our unpredictable weather get in the way, let us share with you some of our ideas, including using our knobs and accessories to bring the outdoors inside, enhancing and extending this wonderful season. The Chelsea Flower Show is always the first fanfare...

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