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  • How it all started...

    At Pushka, we thought it might be a nice way of welcoming our new customers and reaching out to previous customers by giving you all a little background knowledge on our humble yet thriving business here at Pushka HQ.

    Pushka is run by the hardworking and dedicated Lucy and Matt. Friends since 2004, it would not be until some years later that they decided to go into business together.

    Fast forward to 2009 when a friend of Lucy’s returned from a trip to India with 8 beautiful cupboard doorknobs. A light bulb moment for Lucy quickly occurred, and the idea of importing these lovely little items was born.

    It wasn’t that easy though and what followed was months of emailing suppliers all over India. Unfortunately for Lucy, many of these suppliers would not send over small samples from their ranges of doorknobs to an unknown young woman just starting out. But Lucy persevered and eventually tracked down a supplier who gave her a chance. He sent her over 20 of each design he had and Lucy fell in love with these little Indian treasures. Things were turning around and Lucy’s faith was restored.

    Lucy travelled around fairs, car boot sales and craft shows, showcasing the knobs and gaining loyal and happy customers along the way. All she had were her sample knobs and a big sign bearing the company name ‘Pushka Knobs’; a little nod to the small Indian village of Pushkar, where her friend initially bought the first knobs back from.

    Lucy soon realised her little dream was becoming a big reality and she needed help. Enter Matt. He had an eye for design and detail and brought in fresh new ideas on how to market the company to a wider audience. He also had a garage that Pushka Knobs was now packaging out of. Matt’s help led to the knobs being sold on Ebay, Amazon and a spangdangly new website, Things went from strength to strength as Pushka Knobs joined forces with

    Pushka was growing and by 2012 Lucy and Matt decided to travel to India to meet their supplier in person to get a real idea of where their knobs were coming from. Set up in a small, modern workshop, a team of workers were employed to help make and assemble the knobs. The trip proved hugely beneficial as it meant Lucy and Matt could reach past the language barrier and really get into designing and improving the knobs before the export stage.

    By March of that year Lucy and Matt were in their own offices in London, packaging and posting from a much bigger space than Matt’s little garage. It was exciting times for Pushka! By 2013 the Pushka team were dedicated to reaching out to potential customers and showcasing their products to a wider audience. This meant packing up the best of the knobs and travelling all over the country to consumer shows including Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live, Home Building and Renovating and Spirit of Summer.

    Not content with visiting just consumer shows, Pushka began trading to shops, furniture restorers and interior designers. They targeted trade shows and networked with other like minded people at Spring Fair, Harrogate Home and Gift Show, Autumn Fair, Interiors and Home. Pushka was now importing their knobs from all over the world which meant a wider and more fantastic range of knobs to offer you lovely people!

    2014 has brought new and exciting times for Pushka Knobs, new offices and staff, an improved website and a huge range of bespoke, unique doorknobs in their collection and available to purchase.

    Lucy and Matt have worked hard to make their dream a reality but without loyal and satisfied customers, the knowledge and advice from others in the business and excellent products to begin with, Pushka would never have gone beyond a simple light bulb moment back in 2009. And for that we are saying *THANK YOU*

    Keep sharing the Pushka Love and we’ll do the same…

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  • It's Ideal Home Show Time Again!

    You've followed us on Pinterest, liked us on Facebook and connected with us on Twitter. You've gathered ideas, been inspired and had your confidence boosted when it comes to home decor. Now it's time for that last step in your journey to transforming your home! From kitchens and bathrooms, to bedrooms and basements, from fixtures and fittings to fine food, gardens and the latest gadgets, plus fashion, beauty and gifts, you'll find it all under one roof at this award-winning show. Whether you have a substantial home project or want to add those finishing touches that make a house a home, the Ideal Home Show  has everything you need. From 14th – 30th March 2014, this iconic British Home Show will return to Earls Court, London for its 106th Year!

    And Pushka will be there! Come and see all of our exquisite knobs at stand number 2L29 and meet Lucy and Matt who will be able to help and advise you on the best knobs for your project, big or small!

    We're looking forward to seeing you!

    The Pushka Team

  • Come see us at the Spring Fair!

    Come and Visit us at the Spring Fair this week and next at Birmingham NEC!

    We will be showing our new and exclusive Bespoke cupboard knobs as well as an insite to our new London Range!

    We will be exhibiting over 400 designs ranging from cupboard knobs, to mortice door knobs!

    For more information please visit:

    See you there! Pushka Knobs

    Springfair international inspiring buying - 2-7 February 2014, NEC Birmingham, UK
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  • Professional job, half the cost :)

    Do you have tired looking furniture but lack the funds to replace it? Fear not, Pushka are on hand to help you revamp your old dressers and cupboards for a fraction of the cost whilst giving you a sense of pride at what you can achieve. All you need to do is choose your paint colour and finish it off with some gorgeous new knobs!

    Watch this video with Annie Sloan for step by step instructions on how to achieve that shabby chic, vintage cottage look.

  • DIY Make Your Own Designer cupboard Drawer Knobs and Pulls

    Julie Fei-Fan Balzer demonstrates how to make your own decorative knobs for drawers, cabinets, and dressers. Download handouts at Video

  • How to install a Door Knob..

  • FAQ - Check in for all your door knob queries

    Are door knobs sold in pairs?

    Yes they are sold as pairs and many door knobs only work as pairs. The exceptions to this are centre pull knobs and cupboard knobs which are sold as single items. For prices, visit our website

    What size door knobs do I need?

    If you have standard size doors (1980 x 760mm), or close to standard size doors, then you would require the 50mm diameter knobs. We sell larger door knobs up to 75mm in diameter for external doors and large internal doors. Pairs of door knobs do not generally go above 75mm in diameter as they need to be set back far enough from the edge of the door so your fingers do not get jammed between the door knob and the door frame. Of course size is down to your choice and aesthetics. If you are uncertain of the size, we suggest you make a paper cut out and stick this to the door, but remember to consider the projection as well.

    Can I have one style or finish on one side of the door and a different one on the other? e.g. Bathroom one side (chrome) and landing the other (brass).

    Good question! This can only be done if the spindle bar and method of fixing is the same. Generally if it is the same item in a different finish this can be done. If you want to mix styles please let us know and we can advise you to help you get your desired look.

    What do I need to make door knobs turn?

    Door knobs are all supplied with spindles and the spindle needs to go through a latch. The latch is generally set into the edge of the door, so you only see the facing and retaining plates. Door knobs rely on the spring in the latch to make them spring back into position. We sell a heavy duty latch to ensure your door knobs function at their best.

    What are Mortise Knobs?

    These are door knobs which fit a mortise lock or latch i.e. fittings set into the edge of the door. Mortise knobs generally have the backplates fixed to the the door knobs and the spindle bar is plain and 8mm square.

    What is a Centre Door Knob?

    A centre door knob or door pull is a single door knob. These do not turn. They are bolted from the back of the door and are generally used in the centre of external doors. These are often the grand centrepiece of a panelled front door. As they are not turning or fitting near to the edge of the door, they can be made larger than pairs of door knobs. Our largest ones are 100mm diameter.

    What is a Cupboard Knob?

    A cupboard knob is designed as a single knob. They are generally smaller in diameter than door knobs or centre knobs and are bolted from the back. We have sizes from 20mm diameter up to 50mm diameter in several different finishes and lots of styles. These act as pulls only and do not turn. They are used on cupboard doors, drawers and furniture.

    If we haven't answered your question here please get in touch. We understand that not everybody knows the ins and outs of knobs and we are happy to help!

  • How to install and fit a cupboard knob?

    When it comes to finishing touches in your kitchen, knobs are an important part, we have decided to put together an article about how to fit kitchen cupboard knobs.  Fitting cupboard knobs is a job that needs to be done properly, as they will be used every day. The final positioning of the knobs can make a huge difference to the final look of the kitchen therefore this is a job that must be done well. You should always remember that when fitting kitchen cupboard knobs there aren’t actually any official guidelines or rules so it simply is about fitting them where they look right.

    When it comes to positioning cupboard knobs I would advise that wall unit handles are fixed towards the bottom of the door and also the base unit handles towards the top of the door.  Drawer handles generally go centrally on the drawer front.

    There are quite a few variants in the width of where the fitting holes are on handles, so the first job is to get the accurate measurement for the hole distances, as well as getting a central point for fitting them.


  • History of the Door Knob

    The first documented invention of the door handle appears in U.S. Patent entries for the year 1878, when a patent for improvements on a door-closing device was issued to a man named Osbourn Dorsey. However, the use of doorknobs, as documented by illustrations and shop catalogues, extends back into the 18th century.

    Parts of a basic door knob.

    The traditional door knob has a bolt or spindle running through it that sits just above a cylinder, to which the spindle is connected. Turning the knob pulls the cylinder in the direction of the turn. The end of the cylinder is the latch bolt (more simply known as the latch), which protrudes into a space carved out of the door frame, and which prevents the door from being opened if the knob is not turned. A spring or similar mechanism causes the latch to return to its protruding state whenever the knob is not being turned. Escutcheon plates are the keyhole covers, usually circular, through which keys pass to enter the lock body. If the door handles have a square or rectangular plate on which the handle is mounted this is called the backplate.

    Applications and usage

    The location of the door handle on the door may vary between a few inches or centimeters away from the edge of the door to the exact center of the door, depending on local culture, decorative style or owner preference. The distance from the edge of the door to the center of the handle is called the backset.

    Most household door handles use a simple mechanism with a screw-style axle (called a spindle) that has at least one flat side, which is passed through the door jigger, leaving some length exposed on each side of the door to which the handles are attached. Some handles are attached on both sides by screwing or sliding them directly onto the spindle, and then securing one or more retaining screws (set screws) through the knob perpendicular to the flat of the spindle. Types of household handles:

    • Entrance: These door handles are typically used on exterior doors, and include keyed cylinders.
    • Privacy: Typically used on bedrooms and bathrooms; while they are lockable (unlockable with a generic tool), they do not have keyed cylinders.
    • Passage: Also known as hall or closet, these do not lock and are used in hall or closet doors.
    • Dummy: These types are used for ball catch doors or other applications where a jigger mechanism is not needed, but a similar aesthetic effect is desired.
  • Hello world!

    At Pushka Knobs, we offer small changes for big transformations with our stunning selection of knobs to enhance doors and cupboards throughout your home.  Simple design touches can create a big impact showing creative flare and style in abundance. Save on a full refurbishment; just browse our extensive collection to buy door knobs at fantastic prices for a fresh new look.  From classic clear crystal cuts to granite and ceramic, the choice of styles and colours will provide many quaint and quirky options to reinvigorate your home interiors. Buy door knobs online from Pushka Knobs with secure payment, low cost postage, same day dispatch and fast, tracked delivery guaranteed.

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