We all want our homes to look stylish and chic, even if your personal style leans towards retro. But some interior design mistakes can make your home look dated.

Whether it’s avoiding dark interiors or using a pebble finish on walls, there may be some insidious ways yore design choices unintentionally age your home. We look at three design mistake to avoid to maintain a modern, contemporary aesthetic.


1. Playing it safe with your lighting

A conservative lighting scheme can instantly date a room. Lighting that is too neutral, symmetrical, or small can make a room look drab and less interesting.

When. It comes to ceiling lighting, go big and make a statement with a chandelier, and go for one bigger than you think you need. Be bold and creative with your lighting, and remember to mix ambient and task lighting to create interest.


2. Shying away from dark colours

Dark and dramatic colour schemes are not a new trend, but many people still shy away from them, opting for warm neutrals that always look dated.

Don’t just dip your toe into the dark side, go full-on, and go for a dark black or nearly black, such as this stylish apartment in Manchester. A dark colour scheme is mysterious, rich, deep and sophisticated.


3. Going overboard on kitchen design

To avoid your kitchen looking dated, resist the urge to add too much detail. When. Designing a new kitchen, simplicity and a touch of minimalism is key to creating a contemporary look.

Use clean linen and minimal detailing, with an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality materials to give you a result that will look fresh and modern for years to come.


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