Over the past few decades, the dominant interior design philosophy was based on minimalist principles, the idea of less very much being more.

With minimalism, space is king and minimalist interior design was about creating beautiful, simple spaces with little to complicate and catch the eye.

However, over the past two years, in particular, several design movements have entered the fold to contrast the somewhat cold, neutral, not lived-in nature of minimalist design, with the latest being known as cluttercore.

Cluttercore is in some ways like maximalism, which is an expression of excess, featuring bold styles, big colours and a lot of statement pieces.

However, cluttercore is more about objects than overall style, so you can retain your neutral colour schemes, but instead have luxury interior door knobs and fill the room with lots of objects and life and expression.

It is a celebration of individuality, as many maximalist styles embrace, and the way to make the most of this style is to add more stuff.

If you have a lot of statement pieces that you have been looking to use but could not fit in a minimalist aesthetic, bring them out and let them take pride of place.

Look for furniture pieces that allow you to store as many items as possible, from bookcases and ladder shelves to tables and cabinets.

The key to successful cluttercore is that it should reflect your personality and what you like and see in the world, so choose items that you adore and are drawn to and you are approaching the style in the right way.