Bathrooms have always been practical places; a place of cleansing, preparation and renewal, primarily functional and never the focal point of a home. But that does not mean they have to lack style or aesthetics.

While a bathroom may be a place one spends a few minutes in the morning before moving on to the day’s activities, the reverse can often be true in the evening; a hot, relaxing bath is not about preparation for moving swiftly and busily into hours of frenetic activity, but a retreat from the same things and a chance to slow down.

It really is worth the effort to push the boat out with a relaxing bath. Use muscle soaks and perfumed infusions in the bath. Add candles and have some relaxing music on in the bathroom, all to help soothe both the body and the mind and boost your health.

The creation of this environment is important considering when selecting bathroom door hooks. While ostensibly functional in the same way everything else in a bathroom is, the choice of attractive, elegant elements is not just about buying something that looks pleasant.

Instead, it is about making every effort to contribute to an atmosphere of calm and renewal that a beautiful environment can be part of.

Of course, another reason for having stylish bathroom door hooks is to add something that may not have been there when you acquired the house. This is where practicality meets comfort as it provides a place to hang your fluffy towels, warm bathrobe and bag of accessories.

At the same time, if you have made your home a place of style and beauty, be it through attractive doors or a striking look to your kitchen, why let the bathroom be any different?

With the right hooks, it can be both practical and beautiful, giving you everything you need your bathroom to be.