Add a touch of gold, silver or copper with these lustrous metallic light pulls which are sure to enhance any interior with glamour, shine and sophistication.

Our stylish light pulls come with a hammered effect and are metal plated.  Choose from a copper light pull, a silver light pull or a gold light pull to suit many interior styles.

The hammered light pull pendants come with the rope knotted to the pull part as you can view from the image below.  Light pulls are an essential part of any bathroom as they provide a safe way of switching on or off the lights in a steamy room and our gorgeous metallic range eliminate the need to touch the switch whilst adding decadence to your home and bathroom.

Don't miss out on our gorgeous selection of bathroom light pulls.

Be sure to check them out by clicking on the image below!

[caption id="attachment_162" align="aligncenter" width="300"]metallic light pulls copper gold and silver wth rope Metallic light pulls in copper, gold & silver with rope.[/caption]