The lockdown has meant many of us are spending more time together in our homes than ever, so it’s important to have a kitchen where the family can gather and spend some quality time together.

Whether you’re planning a total remodelling or working on a kitchen makeover on a budget, we have some tips to help plan your dream kitchen and how to use your lockdown free time productively.

While using your home in ways you’ve never considered, such as your home office or a classroom for homeschooling, you've certainly noticed that there are ways you can improve your kitchen.

A new kitchen island, for example, could be the ideal place to work from home while being able to watch the kids, or simply to provide more space for preparing the evening meal for the family. Rearranging the kitchen layout, where possible, can create a new space where your family can eat, cook, laugh, and spend quality time together.

While it’s not an essential job, it’s advised that you should avoid letting anyone enter who doesn’t also live there, so while it might not be the time to get contractors in to start work, it’s a great time to patiently plan your new kitchen design, and planning slowly and carefully means there will be less risk of costly mistakes later.

Make a note of the positions of electrical points, and access to gas and plumbing, as well as doors and windows, as this might affect the planned positioning of any new cabinets and appliances.

Google Images and Pinterest are excellent places to explore designs and different colour schemes and find inspiration, as well as the wealth of online colour palettes. It may be that a change in colour scheme is all you need to give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Simply updating your counter surfaces and cupboard doors with new ones can be as good as a whole new kitchen. Fittings and fixtures can make a world of difference too, so for walnut cupboard knobs and many other stylish fittings, visit our online shop today!