Homeowners who want to give their house an uplift without having to redecorate the entire thing will be pleased to hear they can transform each room by simply adding some black and gold accessories.

This is according to interior design blogger Kate Watson-Smyth who told House Beautiful UK that miracles can be worked by simply making a few changes in the residence.

The author behind Mad About The House blog said: “Something that I do in my house is something old, something new, something black, something gold. That works for every single room in the house.”

You do not have to go bold with your choice of accessories and paints, as even small items add something unique compared with neutral colours and show home furnishings.

She suggested something dark “that anchors the space” for a black product, while a metallic accessory such as a mirror is a good choice for gold.

These work particularly well as they “bounce the light around”, which will make the room appear bigger.

With regards to something new and something old, she said: “There’s always something new you can add in.”

“Something old is something that has been gifted that will bring character – perhaps it’s vintage from a grandparent,” the designer stated.

On her Instagram page, one of her many stylish pictures includes a photo of a lounge painted entirely in black, with white wooden floors, a natural wooden coffee table and a large golden vase in the centre. While it is not known if any items in the room are old, it is likely the design incorporates everything she recommends in her adage.

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