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  • Pushka It's Your Birthday, Happy Birthday Pushka Home!

    Happy Birthday Pushka Home! 

    Birthdays are a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year.  It is also a time to look forward to the future.

    Today we celebrate our 7th birthday since we started trading in 2009. However, this is a special birthday as it’s our 1st as a homeware company.  In January this year you may have noticed our logo changed along with a name change from Pushka Knobs to Pushka Home.  This is due to our exciting expansion of product lines.

    Our director holding a yummy caterpillar cake and blowing candles. Our director holding a yummy caterpillar cake and blowing candles.

    We are expanding into homeware products and have lots more interesting things to come such as door knockers, shelving, and furniture.  Make sure you look out for these on our website new arrivals page!

    You can also sign up to our mailing list by registering on our login/ create an account tab on our main web page in order to receive offers and e-mails (see link below).  You can also follow us on our Instagram account, Twitter or Facebook.

    Pushka is also the name of our cheeky and cute office pet hamster whom you can see pictured below enjoying and taking part in the celebration.

    Our pet hamster celebrating Pushka's 7th Birthday Our pet hamster wearing our new logo on party hat.

    We wish Pushka Home many more years of prosperity, happiness and that it keeps bringing customers joy of transformation, creativity and inspiration to their homes.  Thank you to all our Pushka customers for seeing us into another amazing year.  Here’s to you.


    Pushka Home Team


  • Grand Designs Live 5 Years Ago!!

    It's strange how things only seem like yesterday! 5 years ago at our first Grand Designs Live show...Flashback. We only stocked 60 designs and got a last minute stand which was far more space than we needed but we went for it and had a great show.  It was a great buzz seeing people interact with the product for the first time and a great learning curve! Great times!

    lucy grand designs

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Upcycling

    Upcycling is now a well-established way of reviving much loved items around the home. From some stunning examples of clothing being completely re-worked on the Great British Sewing Bee to much simpler, yet as effective upcycling like reviving a tired chest of drawers with a set of new handles.

    As with any idea that takes off (especially one that ends up with TV series devoted to it), there can be pitfalls for the unwary upcycler, and we hope that these simple guidelines will make the whole experience enjoyable for you.

    Keep it Simple

    It is all very well seeing these amazing dressmakers on the Sewing Bee completely transforming an elderly overcoat into a stylish woman’s suit, but these talented amateurs regularly display a jaw-dropping level of skill that is beyond many experienced sewing hobbyists. So don’t worry if the thought of transforming an old pair of jeans into a baby’s romper suit fills you with dread, make some funky faded denim bunting for baby’s room instead. Just as enjoyable, and you can’t grow out of bunting! It will be far more satisfying finishing a small project than having a large one sitting, unfinished, in the corner, making you feel guilty.

    Make Sure it is Reversible or Re-usable

    Especially to start with, keep your furniture projects reversible—paint can be rubbed down and changed, decoupage likewise. Cutting bits off can’t! Better still, drawer and door knobs can be changed and moved around, as can upcycled soft furnishings. With clothes, if they go wrong, there’s always smaller projects the cut fabric can be used for.

    Do it For Yourself, Not For the Money

    As often repeated on the Antiques Roadshow, buy things that YOU like, not things you think others will, with half an eye on the re-sale value. Real upcycling is all about doing it yourself, for yourself. The added cost and labour involved will never really justify the price you could sell your finished work for. Buying ready upcycled goods is fine, but it is so much more fun and rewarding rubbing down, waxing or repainting a bargain piece of neglected furniture than buying a finished piece.

    The great joy of upcycling is that small luxury highlights will transform run of the mill items. A really stunning velvet collar for example, elevating a humble wool jacket, a set of vintage cupboard knobs updating an entire kitchen. Probably the most affordable and enjoyable makeover you could do this summer.

    Mike Howell, Wordcrafting

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