The kitchen is currently going through a renaissance period as more people are starting to prioritise healthier eating at home, particularly over the past year of lockdown measures and not being able to go out to eat.

As a result, homeowners are now looking to include luxury features in their kitchens, such as high-tech kitchen appliances and luxury fittings and furnishings. Not only should your kitchen be functional, but it should also look great!

We have a few suggestions for adding a luxury touch to your kitchen.


  1. An Open Layout For Cooking and Entertaining

It is dependant on the size of your home and kitchen, but there has been a rise in homeowners wanting their kitchens to incorporate enough space for cooking and guests, really becoming where you will find everyone at parties!


  1. Hidden Trash and Recycling

Being able to sort your waste and recycling is more important than ever, but on the whole, recycling bins can look a bit unsightly, and can get in the way. Why not seek solutions that keep waste and recycling bins hidden from view, but easily accessible.


  1. Cabinets That Amaze

Your kitchen cabinets will be a central feature of your luxury kitchen, setting the tone for the rest of the room. This makes the selection of the colour, style, and materials of your cabinets very important.

Cabinet shopping should be a fun experience as you look for the perfect option that fits your functionality needs and your style and taste preferences.


  1. Impressive Countertops

Choosing a countertop that complements your cabinets is also important. For a luxury touch, quartz countertops offer the same durability as traditional granite countertops, with the same classic, high-end look.


Good luck with your luxury kitchen design, and don’t forget to visit our online store if you’re looking for luxury homeware in the UK.