Our homes have become the superstars of the global pandemic. We have had to put them to uses some people never considered, whether that’s as a work-from-home office or a homeschooling classroom for the kids.

Now that there are so many different activities happening under one roof, we have a look at the interiors trends for the second half of 2020 are impacted by the coronavirus.


Flexible spaces

Not only have we wanted our homes to look better, now we are spending much more time there, but they need to be multifunctional.

Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that 70 per cent of Brits had never previously worked from home, and now 20 million of us have swapped the office for the kitchen table.

We need to be able to make use of every inch of space with clever storage solutions to make sure your home is both functional and chic and can provide the family with what they need throughout the day, and be able to put it all away and simply be home at the end of the day.



Last-minute arrangements to go for dinner out and trips to the cinema might be on hold for the moment, and it is likely to create a surge in at-home entertaining.

People will maybe want to create cosier living environments with larger TVs, comfortable seating areas, and of course a bar, now that the lockdown has taught everyone how to mix a cocktail or two! Expect a renaissance in perfecting the art of being a perfect host.


Bringing the outside in

It is harder for some people to get out and enjoy their favourite outdoor spaces, which has brought a trend for biophilia and bringing the outdoors in. There has been a huge boost in the number of indoor plants, and they can have such a positive impact on a room and how they make us feel.


Whatever your post-pandemic interior plans are, shop with us for luxury homeware.