Our interior design choices are often very personal, and we want to express something of ourselves with the colour scheme, textures and luxury touches.

However, when we are attempting to sell our home in a demanding market or want to showcase it to other people, there are certain choices or mistakes we make which can be quite risky and can sometimes devalue your home.

Here are three particular examples of design choices that can be contentious when you show them to others.


Out Of Date Kitchens

Kitchens are a place where form and function are highly interconnected. Most people’s luxury homeware is in our kitchens and the room is one of the most important factors in selling a house.

As a result, homes that have more modern appliances, tabletops and cabinets, as well as a more neutral look can have a major effect on how people see your home.


Loud Interior Schemes

When selling a home, the potential is key, and this can sometimes be lost when a surveyor sees a particularly bold wallpaper design, texture or colour scheme.

Instead, it is best to stick to terracotta, light grey and other neutral shades, although you can easily compromise by having a particular accent wall with a more prominent shade, texture or pattern on it.


Inconsistent Flooring

Consistent, hardwood flooring is highly desired by buyers, particularly for rooms with high amounts of traffic, as carpets can be more difficult to clean.

However, what matters more is consistency; the last thing many buyers want is different types of textures and colours around the home. So if you decide to switch to hardwood flooring, make sure you have it in every room.