Interior design has travelled to some incredibly unique places over the past two years.

With our homes becoming the centre of not only our day-to-day existence but also our work and social lives, there have been many disruptions to the minimalist norm that we have known for several decades at this point.

With that in mind, here are the top luxury interior design trends this year.


The Rise Of Classical Design

Whilst neutral colours will always have a place in the home, there is a distinct return of classical touches to give the home a timeless look.

In particular, dark and black wood luxury homeware has become a major trend over the course of this year, and whilst brushed metals have always been in style, the distinct look of brushed brass has been used to create some spectacular look.

In terms of textiles, marrying classic champagne velvets with darker coloured furnishings such as deep purples and burgundies helps to add a dimension to our home that matches their growing importance over the past two years.


Statement Lighting

Lighting has become of paramount importance to many homes over the past year, not only to light up video conferences and virtual gatherings but to add depth and character to a particular space.

Statement lampshades, unique lighting pieces and ostentatious lighting aesthetics have become key to designing interior and exterior spaces.


Never Forget The Accessories

Whilst the base of modern interior design is built upon previous popular trends, the accessories have become what makes a room, and can be as great as large furnishings and seats or as small as little changes such as cushions, throws and doorknobs.