With some of the most wonderful, beautiful and warm weather hitting the UK for quite some time, it is quite clear that summer is here. With the summer sun comes open windows, beautiful budding flowers and a chance to add colour to your interior design.

With vibrancy the order of the day, many people have opted for significant redesigns or to purchase colourful furniture to match the mood.

However, it only takes a few little switches and changes to give a minimalist, neutral room a summery overhaul.



Many people at this point are tempted to make rather drastic updates to their rooms, but a few small adjustments can transform the feel of a room.

Adding reflective elements such as mirrors, shiny luxury interior door knobs and shelf accessories have been long used by designers to make a room feel larger, but adding colourful and even neon pieces to your walls can also add a touch of colours to light, neutral rooms.

As well as this, whilst you can change your seats and sofas, adding throws and bright cushions will provide as strong an effect for a fraction of the price.


Be Bold

Most of the year, our textile choices tend to be neutral and natural to keep a calm atmosphere.

Over the summer, however, is a time to be braver and bolder with your bedding choices, and add colours that spark a little joy to the start of your day.

From deep sea greens to light and airy pastels, summer is the season to experiment with colours.