Most people might consider door knobs to be rather low on their list of priorities when it comes to home decoration.  But when the best luxury interior door knobs in the UK are available, maybe it’s time to give them a little more thought.

To some, that may mean having door knobs in a particular colour or material, designed to blend in perfectly with the general décor of the room or even the whole house.

Alternatively, there are some more artistic and novel options. A great example of this is a London Underground Station sign.

These brass knobs come in a range of options, so you can choose whatever London Underground station name you like, of which there are nearly 300.

If you live in London, you might want to choose the nearest station to you, or perhaps one reflecting the area you grew up in. It might be one linked to where you work, or close to your favourite sporting venue, such as Oval or Arsenal.

Other possibilities include having different station names on doorknobs throughout the house, perhaps based around a particular area of London, or connected to a particular line - although the latter may not work very well on the Westminster and City line with just two stations.

All this might fit very well with other London-themed elements in the décor around the home, meaning that the possibilities are, if not actually endless, at least extending into several zones.

Having novelty door handles is a way of using areas of the home not normally adapted for creative expression in a fun and exciting way, but that is exactly why doing so can help make your home stand out.

Indeed, it may even put you so far ahead of your neighbours in this regard that you’ll be tempted to invoke a famous London Underground phrase: “Mind the gap!”