In the past cattle hide was predominantly used to line luxury car interiors and bind books… Fast forward to the current day and leather has adopted a whole new role. Securely establishing itself as a key material within the interior world.

It’s versatility and adaptable nature contributes towards its popularity. From large furniture fixtures to subtle interiors by way of our new leather handle collection. The richness of its texture allows it to lift and add depth to all interior spaces.

Added benefits above and beyond its haloed abundance of style are that it ages perfectly, it is not impacted by sun exposure and its very durable.

We recognise the importance of ensuring the materials and finishes we incorporate into our designs are carefully considered.

All our leather is sustainably sourced and prepared in the UK. The leather itself is veg-tanned leather. The tanneries use natural materials and dyes like bark, roots and leaves to prepare the hides. Using natural fibres means no harm to tannery workers, and waste can be safely recycled with no impact on our waterways, giving our oceans the respect, they deserve.

Our handles are all individually handstiched to create a soft yet timeless piece. Whether your home style is contemporary or traditional, our designs naturally lend themselves to all interior spaces. Our leather handles will add warmth and luxury to your home.