Personalised Festive Christmas Gift Bag Sacks To Celebrate The Spirit of The Season

Get into the spirit of giving and celebrate the spirit of the season by adding some festive adornment to your gifts with our assorted large Christmas hessian sacks.  Perfect for enclosing and holding the presents for that special someone.  Our stunning festive sacks make a unique alternative to the ordinary plastic or paper bag.  They are also an effortless way to inject some shine and cheer to your interior as you wait for the day of gifting. Each burlap gift bag is 50 x 70cm and is made of natural hessian material giving our large Christmas gift sacks that traditional vintage inspired look.  Our Christmas sacks and Santa sacks come in a variety of metallic and black colour designs some of which can be personalised.  Ideal to gift to your other half, son, daughter or for a friend or relative.

To find out more about our unique gift sacks and other Christmas decor and personalised Christmas gifts just click on the photo below.

Festive Christmas Hessian Gift Bag Sacks


Give your home a merry little cheer up …let your decor & gifts be from Pushka Home.

Let the Christmas spirit shine throughout your home and give a gift to be cherished this 2017 holiday season with our upcoming Christmas decorations.  Here’s a sneek peek just for you.

Set your sight on our wonderful new hessian gift sacks with cheerful festive metallic touches.  These joyful bags will come in an assortment of personalised designs….perfect for holding all your presents for that special someone.

Soon to be back the Pushka signature map bauble will be available along with my first christmas photo bauble …an ideal celebratory gift for couples, new parents and grandparents with new bundles adding extra joy to this holiday.  Our baubles are ideal as stocking fillers for all the family, great as a gift to add to your special bauble collection and excellent for showcasing in your Christmas tree this year.

Our hessian advent calendar sacks are making a comeback this year as one of our seasonal star sellers.  They are a unique way to get your family into the Christmas spirit as well as an effortless way to add festive cheer & decor to your space.

If you like what you saw visit us soon & don’t miss out on our unique seasonal beauties…and just in case you weren’t counting …its only under 3 months left till Xmas!

Pushka Home Christmas 2017 Home Decor & Gifts Preview



A Tropical Taste For Summer With Our Tropical Coloured Home Accessories

This summer season don’t miss out on the trendy exotic tropics interior decor style.  You can escape dreary rainy grey days and transport yourself and others into a tropical paradise by effortlessly injecting some coloured decorational accessories around your home.

You can go adventurous with a variety of green shades. These can be paired with bright and vibrant colours for excitement and boldness or pale neutrals, whites and pastels for some calm and relaxation.

To make this tropical theme you can mix and match interior accessories in glossy lush varieties of greens.  Just add coloured accents reminiscent of rainforest canopies, leafy jungle greens, green mint tones and palm tree leaf patterns to coastal tropical water shades in bright ocean blues, teals and turquoise, or other lively hues from yellow canary, parrot green, colourful tucan to bright neon shades as hot as the sun from neon yellows to bright red orange colours like coral or hot pinks. Some earthy light tones can also be inserted alongside the greens ranging from light sand to sandy pinks, terracota red and woody browns for a desert meets rainforest design.

Why not create this decor style whilst adding a splash of colour into your living room, conservatory, kitchen, bedroom or hallway with our fresh tropical leaf and palm patterned knobs, coasters and hooks in our exclusive vibrant, bright, and lush prints made in house in our Pushka studio.  With our tropical themed interior decor accessories you can easily insert a club tropicana feel to any room.

Ideal for producing a tropical paradise vibe into any interior space these home accessories are the perfect ornaments to decorate any wall, table and furniture for an instant pop and punch up of colour and life.  Available in 6 different patterns.

To view these tropical themed opulent accessories and others that would fit within the colour scheme simply click on the images below.

Colourful Tropical Patterned Cupboard Cabinet Knobs

Colourful Tropical Patterned Prints

Colourful Tropical Patterned Ceramic Coasters


Colourful Tropical Patterned Wall Coat Hooks

Colourful Fun Cabinet Cupboard Door Knobs

Green Cupboard Cabinet Door Knobs

Blue Cupboard Cabinet Door Knobs

Pink Cupboard Cabinet Door Knobs

Ceramic Crackled Concave Gold Crater Cupboard Door Knobs



As the Dulux colour of the year for 2017 has been named as Denim Drift we have created a compilation of products which we thought would suit with this interior colour theme.

Denim drift is all about creating a calming flowing mood with greyish blueish hues which can be paired or layered well with natural materials such as wood, reed, and stones.  Brown colours forge a natural feel as well as go well with blue and blue-grey tones.  Some natural earthy brown shades can be found in various woods as well as granite stone and leathers to give you some examples.

Why not add this effect with our beautiful smokey coloured brown glass faceted mortice door knobs.  They are made from hardwearing quality glass and have a smokey clear brown colour with a faceted design on the glass.  Ideal for all interior design styles and for modern homes.

If you are looking for brown products to inject into your room décor we also have a wooden push pull door pair as well as gorgeous granite stone knobs and some leather hooks and knobs.  Another product we have that would fit within this style would be our Labrador granite stone cupboard knobs which suit many types of furniture as well some gorgeous grey toned assortment of knobs which would complement brown and blue colours.

Just click on the images below to find out more or can also find more wonderful grey products using the link at the bottom.

Smoked Glass Mortice Door Knobs

Wooden Beehive Internal Push Pull Door Knobs

Alphabet Leather Coat Hook With Gold Lettering

Large Brown & Dark Navy Blue Cowhide Leather Cupboard Door Knobs

Antique Labrador Granite Stone Knob

Grey Ceramic Cupboard Knob

Our Cream Crackled Mortice Door Knobs Set A Traditional Look

Our cream ceramic crackled mortice door knob pairs will be sure to spruce up your doors with their classic and timeless crackled style.  The pair features a crackled effect and comes with an antique brass base colour.  Ideal for a traditional look to any home interior.  Their cream colour ensures that they go with many colours and styles.

Two great advantages of our ceramic mortice are that they are hardwearing to make it more robust and comes spring loaded along with being supplied with their fixings.  If you are looking for more of a white tone then we also have a similar white crackled mortice pair with a silver base colour if you prefer (see product P108).

If you would like to find out more on the cream crackled mortice just click on the image below.

Cream Crackled Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs with Antique Base

Create A Harmonious Subtle Look With Our Beige Mortice And Cream Drop Pulls

Whilst at first thought beige may appear like a plain jane it is actually a great colour choice with some subtle beauty and has a helpful attribute that it can go with almost anything.

Understandably some people may dismiss, or overlook beige interior décor as they may feel it is overused or consider it a simplistic colour but if you have this sentiment then the same could be argued for any other light and white colour tones so it all just depends on how you execute the look. You can create a unique bespoke appearance by layering beige tones or contrast beige with other colours for a lively look.

Beige shades can really pop and work well when used with other colours that can be used to accentuate contrasts.  You can do this with beige by adding different decoration accessories that have beige and can layer up different light and beige colour decorations such as tan, buff, cream and khaki but you can also mix it up and make it stand out with blues and blue green colours like turquoise or other bright colours such as pinks and reds for a touch of elegance.

The best asset of beige is that it complements its surroundings for both traditional and modern interiors alike.

Why not try our pretty beige mortice door knob pairs with our cream ceramic drop pull door knobs to create the perfect, timeless and harmonious background in your home?  If interested just click the photos below to find out more or to view more of our beige and cream products just enter the words on our search engine to view an assortment of items.

Beige Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

Cream Ceramic Drop Pull

Make Your Room Look Contemporary, Light & Airy With Our Glass Knobs

Glass can be incorporated into any interior in a variety of ways through architecture in large windows, doors, walls or conservatories but can also be done by adding glass decorations scattered about in a creative manner.

Using glass decor is an effortless way to transform a space as it provides an endless array of choice of products with which you can add glamour as well as bringing light in.  A wonderful advantage of this type of material is that it allows natural and artificial light to pass through it thereby creating and accentuating spatial light and awareness.  The other advantage is that as it is transparent it goes with many types of interior design.

If you are looking for a quick way to make your room, living room or hallway look larger, more airy and contemporary then our faceted glass décor such as our beautiful clear glass door knobs and cupboard knobs are a great way to complete this look.  If you were looking for another type of glass we also sell stunning crystal door knobs and handles.

To find out more on the below pictured items just click on the photos.

Glass Mortice Door Knobs

Clear Faceted Glass Cupboard Door Knobs

Clear Glass Mushroom Cupboard Knob

Sophisticated Timeless Clock Face Mortice Door Knobs Pair & Matching Knob

You’ll be sure to clock up some fans with these unique mortice door knobs that feature a white with black clock face design that elegantly displays the word Paris on it and has a silver rim edging on it.  Their stunning sophisticated look are sure to add lustre to any room, entrance or hallway.

It’s made of quality ceramic porcelain with black text on white and silver which make it ideal for any interior room décor.  By adding accent colours of white, silver and black colours through accessories you can easily transform a space that will be timeless and refined.

This mortice pair comes with a spring-loaded mechanism as standard and has a metal base which is coated in a polished chrome finish and is complete with fixings. The hardwearing mechanism is a standard design that’ll fit any standard door.

We also sell similar matching Paris clock design knobs which suit furniture such as cabinets, wardrobes and drawers.  To find out more on other clock knob designs as well as the mortice pair just click on the two photos below.

Paris Clock Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs P124

Vintage Paris Clock Ceramic Cupboard Knob P71

Insert Your Postcode Location On Our Neat Cushion For Instant Personality To Any Room

You can inject personality and style through personalisation into your living room sofa, chair or bedroom with these snazzy pillows that showcase a postcode location of your liking and add an instant, fuss free touch of originality to any interior room.

Ideal for those memorable postcodes that hold a wonderful memory for you, your family, friends or loved ones.  Sure to impress, these special cushions are perfectly suitable as a one of a kind gift for many occasions or for someone with a new home and or for your own home as part of a statement piece.  They are made to order at our Pushka studio and can be purchased in assorted cushion colours and metallic or black text colours so you won’t be short of choice.

For the text on the cushion you can select black, metallic gold, silver, copper, green, pink or red and have the option of purchasing the cushion with an inner between duck feather for a plush feel or hollowfiber.  Alternatively, you can also opt out of any filling at all and can purchase just the cover.

If you want to find out more on this neat item just click on the photo below.

Personalised Postcode Location Cushion

Inspire A Playful Tone With Our Multi-Colour Polka Dot Spots Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

If you are looking for a way to create or add to an interior surrounding that is light hearted, playful and colourful then these multi-colour spotted polka dot ceramic porcelain mortice door knobs are perfect.  These fun and peculiar door knobs come as a pair and are complete with the spindle bar and screws fixings and are spring loaded.  Ideal for internal doors for rooms that you would like to insert that bit of offbeat vibrancy to.   They can be a part of an injection of colourful accents to your room by introducing hints of colour(s) splashed here and there or they can be added excitement to a room that is full of life and full of colour.  Right in time for summer!

To find out more simply click on the photo image below.

Multi Colour Polka Dot Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

Create Allure & A Charming Atmosphere With These New Sophisticated Candle Holders

You can help create a special mood any day of the week with these candle holders that will hold your candles in place whilst instilling style to your interior décor.  They can inject an instant appeal and ambience to any room with a table.

These new contemporary, stunning and stylish candle holders are available in solid matte brass gold and copper colours.  The weighty candle holders have a simple yet sophisticated allure to them and are the perfect addition to any mantle-piece, windowsill, coffee or dinner table.  They make an ideal centerpiece to any furniture table and are designed to fit your taper candles just right.

To view more information simply click on the image below.

Modern Matte Copper And Gold Candlestick Holders

Achieve An Understated Elegance With Our Timeless Ceramic Stamp Knob

One of our classic originals, sold since 2009, our ceramic stamp design cupboard knob is sure to make a subtle but effective transformation on any furniture.  These cream coloured ceramic porcelain beauties can transform a piece of furniture with the minimum of fuss as they are easy to install.  Their subdued minimalistic design can complement many interior styles.

You can achieve an understated soft elegance in your home that will be as timeless as this knob by using white, cream and light textured items and patterns to make interesting visual accents and create sensual impact in any room.

To find out more on this beautiful handle simply enter product code P12 or product name on our website search engine.

Ceramic Stamp Design Cupboard Knob

Ceramic Stamp Design Cupboard Knob

Bring Nostalgia Into Your Home With These Retro Striped Hooks & Knobs

You can reminisce of bygone times with our wonderfully retro striped hooks which are also available for sale as knobs and can be personalised with the initial of your choice on each.  These are a modern twist on the ordinary hooks and knobs with their striped pattern and bold lettering.

Fashionably nostalgic these hooks and knobs are sure to suit many interiors.  Perfect if you are looking for an easy way to modernize your home and bring out a retro appeal.

The hooks can be used to hang scarves, coats or jewelry and can hang in a hallway, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen whilst the door knobs can be used to bring a retro look to your bedroom furniture, a wardrobe or your kitchen cabinets.

You can go as big and bold as you like by fusing together various eclectic patterns and coloured items in your home but can also do it with subtle hints of retro by using only accessories.  Just click on the photos below to find out more.

Retro Striped Letter Wall Coat Hooks

Retro Striped Letter Cupboard Knobs

Rejuvenate, Restore & Renew By Bringing Green Coloured Accents Into Your Home

                                 Achieve a feeling of harmony and earthly green landscapes.

You can rejuvenate, renew and restore with an assortment of green shades in your home interior which will be sure to evoke a sense of nature and the first days of spring.

In honour of the Pantone colour of the year being Greenery, we would like to showcase some of our green coloured knobs and hooks for those looking for that bit of inspiration or natural aesthetics in time for spring cleaning and spring season updating.  Ideal for those searching for a way to bring outdoor beauty and simplicity in.

To find out more on each of these natural-ly good looking beauties (pun intended) just click on each of the photos below.

Green Cupboard Cabinet Door Knobs

Green Colourful Coat Clothes Wall Bedroom Robe Hooks

Green & White Ceramic Cupboard Door Knobs

Green Crackled Ceramic Knob

Small Green Ceramic Cupboard Knob

Green Stars Ceramic Cupboard Knob

Green and Gold Ceramic Cupboard Knob


Our Personalised Grey Metallic Cotton Socks Are A Great Gift For All Occasions

Looking for a way to say thanks? Or are you searching for a gift for your mum or dad for upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

Our metallic socks make a delightful gift for that one of a kind person in your life and for that lovely someone that has helped you in some way.

These handsome pair of unisex socks come personalised with your choice of message and initials so you can get as creative or as cheeky as you like.  They come with an option for initials one one and a message of your choice in the other with a metallic finish.  As they are made from 100% cotton you can be confident of their comfort and quality.

Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or wedding gifts, our socks will be sure to be a really treasured and appreciated gesture of love on big or small occasions…

So why not share the love & blow their socks off!

To find out more just click on the photo below.

Personalised Gift Wedding All Occasions Grey Metallic Cotton Socks

Striking New Personalised Memorable Location Cushion

What memorable places hold a special memory or event for you, your family, friends or your loved ones?

We have a gorgeous new personalised cushion that can commemorate locations that mean something to you or someone else.

Our striking cushions can be personalised to read towns or cities that you visited on holidays or perhaps places that you have lived in and can be easily added to any living room sofa, chair or bedroom for a fuss free touch of style and originality.  You can select from a choice of gold, silver, copper, green, pink or red for the metallic text and have the option of purchasing the cushion with an inner between duck feather for a plush feel or hollowfiber.  Alternatively, you can also opt out of any filling at all and can purchase the cover only.

Our beautiful cushions are made in house in our Pushka Home studio and are ideal for gifting for any occasion. The world is your oyster with this cushion with its array of location and personalisation possibilities.

Just click on the photo below if you wish to find out more on this unique item.

Personalised Memorable Location Cushion

Celebrate Good Times With Our Personalised Bottle Gift Bags Ideal For Your Bubbly

We have a new range of various alluring bottle gift bags suitable for special occasions which will make your gift one to remember but also make a modern alternative to the ordinary paper bag.

You can celebrate a special day with your recipients favourite bubbly encased in our personalised bottle gift bags which are made of natural and dense hessian fabric with a striking black vinyl print on the front.  Each bag comes with a touch of personalisation and each can fit a bottle of champagne, prosecco or wine bottle comfortably.

Ideal as a present for your helpers on your wedding, for saying thanks, for birthdays, or for a wedding or engagement gift to the happy couple.

If this tickles your fancy, please click on the images below or can also click on the link supplied.

Happy Birthday Bottle Gift Bag

Thank You Bottle Gift Bag

Engagement Wedding Anniversary Bottle Bag

Best Teacher Bottle Gift Bag


2017 appears to be a year for bold interior trends and geometric designs & accessories appear to be a way to make that statement.

Geometrics are ideal as they evoke a timeless modern feel and make any room more elegant and let’s not forget eye-catching.  Another quality of geometrics is its versatility as it can be used with various types of patterns and décor.

You can quickly change the feel, or mood to your interiors with our new decorative geometric animal hooks which are ultra-modern, urban, fun, and gender neutral.

Why not amp up your living room, bedroom, kitchen, study or utility room with these beauties that will inject style and are perfect for hanging your accessories or coats?  Our hooks come in a choice of  30 designs and come complete with a screw and a hook base colour of gunmetal black or brass for an easy and instant transformation.

Look out for these geometric animal prints coming soon on ceramic mugs, and on a gorgeous cushion pillow.  We also have these available in cupboard door knobs.

To find out more simply click on the image below or to view more new items simply go to our main menu page and click on the New Arrivals tab.


Geometric Animal Wall Bedroom Coat Hooks

Commemorate A Special Year With Our Personalised Year Cushions

What year holds a special memory or event for you, your family, friends or your Valentine?

Now you can commemorate and celebrate a year of birth, an anniversary year, your graduation year, a wedding year, or when you purchased a new home alongside making a beautiful statement with our personalised metallic memorable year cushion.

Our striking cushions can be easily added to any living room sofa, chair or bedroom for a fuss free touch of elegance and originality.   You can select from a choice of gold, silver, copper, green, pink or red metallic numbers and have the option of purchasing the cushion or just a cushion cover with a choice of black, grey or white.

Our beautiful cushions are made in house in our Pushka Home studio and are ideal for gifting for any occasion and for Valentines Day!

Simply click on the image below if you wish to find out more on this one of a kind item.

Personalised Metallic Memorable Year Cushion

Decorate Your Front Door(s) With Our New Sleek Matte Brass Door Knockers

Your house guests and visitors can announce themselves with style at your front door with our contemporary quality sleek brass door knockers which come in a vertical or square shape and have a matte brass finish.  These knockers are beautifully weighty and will add a modern feel and curb appeal to your house door entrance.

Perfect as a housewarming gift and ideal for those that do not like or do not have door bells.  Makes an alternative to the buzzing noise of a door bell but also demonstrates a decorative touch.

Why not team it with our Art Deco Matte Brass House Door Numbers?

Fits all standard front doors and fixes with two bolts that go through the door and secure on the inside of the door.  Comes supplied with brass knocker, strike plate and 4 x 25mm bolts for fitting.

To find out more on each of these new items simply click on the photos below.

Slim Matte Brass Door Knocker

Slim Matte Brass Door Knocker

Square Matte Brass Door Knocker

Square Matte Brass Door Knocker

Effortlessly Update Your Interiors With Our Metallic Alphabet Initial Letter Cushions

As décor homeware trends come and go a very practical and easy way to inject colour and style to your home interior is with pillows.  Our striking metallic initial cushions play on the luxurious metallic trend but we feel metallics are also a timeless style choice.

You can effortlessly update a living room or bedroom with our personalised chic cushions which can easily be moved around to create eye catching statement pieces.

They can be personalised with your chosen metallic letter or number on the front in either gold, silver, copper, red, pink or green colours and are available in a choice of grey, black and white cushion colour.  You can opt for a pillow filled with hollow fibre cushion pad, premium sourced duck feather cushion pad or can purchase the cover only.  These wonderful pillow case covers are made of 100% cotton and the pillows measure 50x 50cm.

Simply click on the photo image below to find out more.

Personalised Alphabet Initial Letter Cushions

Personalised Alphabet Initial Letter Cushions

Spruce Up Your Gifts With Your Personalised Tags

Spruce up your gifts whilst adding a personalised touch by creating your own gift tags which can be personalised with any name, date or message to make a memorable keepsake.  These unique items are made to order and proudly made by us therefore ensuring that you will get a one of a kind look that will leave an impression.  Our gift tags are made from robust material MDF and are each 7cm x 10cm x 0.3cm in size and come in a choice of 12 different patterns featuring a mix of monochrome, bright and colourful tones.  You can double its use as a school tag or a luggage tag if you just add the recipients personalised information or address instead of a message.  To view more on the tags simply click on the image below.

Personalised Large Present Gift Tag

Personalised Large Present Gift Tag

Happy Holidays & Thanks

In this time of gratitude and reflection (as 2016 comes to an end) we would like to take a moment to thank all our customers for all your valued support and loyalty.  Thank you for choosing our brand.  We hope to continue serving all of you and could not achieve our successes without you.  You made 2016 a wonderful one and we look forward to showcasing new exciting items in 2017.  You will find a link for a silly video from us to you.  We hope you enjoy.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a joyful holiday season.

From our staff, our warmest regards

Pushka Home

New Logo

Pushka Home Ltd



Give A Gift That Will Be Admired & Cherished This Christmas With Our Personalised Photo Bauble

Celebrate or commemorate a special moment, event or unforgettable person(s) this Christmas with our Personalised Photo Christmas Tree Bauble Decoration which is made in the UK and created by our handy elves.

Our unique decoration makes a perfect and thoughtful keepsake for capturing and showcasing your memories this festive, joyous time of year with an optional message on the reverse of the decoration.

Excellent for a baby’s first Christmas, a newly-wed couple, a best friend or a thoughtful seasonal gift to parents, grandparents and relatives.

Each decoration comes complete with a satin white ribbon and the option to personalise the other side with your own words.  It is made from aluminium with a high gloss finish and supplied with a dainty white satin ribbon.  Additionally, you can have the option of including a gift box with tag for the fortunate recipient.  If you would like to find out more simply click on the images below and to view all of our gorgeous Christmas items simply use the link below or go to our main menu tab on our homepage and select Christmas.


Personalised Photo Christmas Tree Decoration- Side 1


Personalised Photo Christmas Tree Decoration- Side 2

Personalised Photo Christmas Tree Decoration- Side 2


Bring Christmas Cheer With These Santa Sacks

This charming cotton Santa Sack is perfect for encasing your presents and goodies this Christmas and can be used to replace the traditional stocking.

Ideal if you are travelling somewhere and need a bag to keep presents in but also a beautiful way to showcase your festive spirit and a way to bring Christmas cheer, colour and excitement into your home or someone else’s.  As metallic colours are very on trend as well as seasonal these are sure to suit any décor interior.

It comes with a metallic colour print of your choice on the front that reads ‘Open On 25 Dec’ and the sack has a drawstring at the top, making it easy to close (so there can be no peeking), and to hang onto the fireplace or bed post.  Additionally, it also comes with an oversized name tag to ensure your presents get delivered to the lucky person they are meant for on Christmas morning.

Available in a choice of gold, copper, silver, pink, green and red metallic colours and suitable for all ages. Each sack is 50 x 70cm.  To find out more simply click on the image below.

Personalised Metallic Christmas Santa Sack With Tag

Metallic Christmas Santa Sack With Tag

Make A Special Statement This Christmas With Our Personalised UK Map Bauble Decoration

Make an extra special statement this Christmas to your friends, family and loved ones with these unique bauble UK map decorations which are a great way to showcase memorable locations that mean something to you and others such as where you got engaged, where you got married, where you went to university, or where you are spending your holiday.

You can use them on your Christmas tree, as a stocking filler or give them as a seasonal gift.

They are made to order with a UK postcode location of your choice in the centre and your choice of words at the front (around the outside of the map) or you can write a message on the back.  To view more information simply click on the image below.


Personalised Christmas UK Map Bauble Decoration


Get Into The Festive Spirit With Our Christmas Advent Calendar Tree Hanging Sacks

Get your loved ones into the festive spirit with these original advent calendar tree hanging sacks which will be sure to add excitement in the countdown to Christmas.  You can get as creative and personal as you like in what you fill each sack with as well as where you hang these.

Why not fill these with some chocolate surprises, sweets as well as sweet messages, small toys or holiday gifts.  Each sack is 7cm x 5cm and has a drawstring to ensure the contents stay inside until the day shown at the front.

Comes as a set of 24 modern advent hessian sacks featuring eye-catching metallic numbers in the colour of your choice of gold, copper, silver, green or pink.  Start a tradition that can be used again and again each year.  Suitable for children or adults!  To view more information on these beauties simply click on one of the images below.  To view all our gorgeous Christmas gifts go to the main menu tab and click on the Christmas tab.


Christmas Advent Calendar Tree Hanging Sacks

Number on sacks available in six colour choices

Number on sacks available in six colour choices

Made to Order Wedding Anniversary Wall Print

Decorate your wall whilst celebrating your special day with our wedding wall print which can come framed or unframed.  These striking prints make a personal, thoughtful and memorable gift for a wedding, anniversary or housewarming but also make a uniquely original and affordable piece of art.  Each print is made to order and features a choice of 25 contemporary patterns to suit any home décor interior.  You can present the lucky couple with a gift they would not ordinarily buy themselves and will treasure for years to come.  Click on the images below to find out more.

Mr & Mrs Wall Print

Mr & Mrs Wall Print

Mr & Mrs Wall Print

Mr & Mrs Wall Print

Create Inspiration & Positivity Whilst Making A Feature On Your Interior Walls

Let yourself and others be inspired with these coat hooks that can have your choice of Inspirational Sayings/Phrases.  You can select from 28 different quotes to remind you to get your groove on as you go to unhang your coat in the morning or to greet you as you arrive.  Nudge yourself and those around to leave any hang ups behind (pun intended).

You can fill your home with positivity whilst creating a feature in your wall.  Great for home interiors and can be used to hang items like scarves, hats, coats, jewellery, towels, or a backpack (each hook can hold up to 10kg).  Perfect as a birthday gift, housewarming gift, for Christmas stocking fillers or if you are looking to cheer up a friend, relative, a loved one or yourself.  Our hooks come with an option of brass or gunmetal black base colour.  To view more on these fabulous hooks just click on the image below.

We have various other wall hooks so please be sure to view more of our hooks by going to the main menu tab of our main page, hover your cursor over the Home Accessories tab and then click on the word Hooks once the menu expands.

inspirational coat hooks

inspirational coat hooks

Brilliant Personalised Love Wording Postcode Map Coasters

Show your loved one, a family member, or a friend that you are thinking of them with these personalised map coasters.  You can recall special memories and moments shared in locations around the United Kingdom.  By providing a postcode we can pin point on a map the location you want using Ordinance Survey and you can have your say with your choice of text around the outside of the map (as the images show).

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, a new home gift, leaving gifts or are ideal as part of your Christmas gift stocking fillers.

We love these word map coasters which are printed in house and made to order.  Evoke that special feeling by having something custom made.  To find out more click on the images below.  To view more of our unique gorgeous coasters just go to the main menu tab and leave your cursor over Home Accessories for a second and then select Coasters to view all.

Personalised Love Wording Postcode Map Coasters

Personalised Love Wording Postcode Map Coasters

Personalised Love Wording Postcode Map Coaster

Personalised Love Wording Postcode Map Coaster


Grey and White Striped Mortice Door Knobs

You can make your room stir up subtle sophistication and modernity by layering grey tones and whites but you can also make colours pop out by mixing grey, neutrals and bright colours together.  Grey tones are the moody shades of the moment and our grey striped ceramic mortice door knobs will help create vibe to any neutral interior in keeping with this trend.  More than that we think grey and white are a classic timeless colour.  Our ceramic mortice door knob style features a grey stripe design which will complement any grey and neutral tone.   They are beautifully made from the finest hard wearing quality ceramic and are easy to fit.  Simply click on the image below to view more on these chic mortice door knobs.

grey striped mortice P105

grey striped mortice P105

Reveal Subtle Elegance With These White & Silver Curtain Holdbacks

White Patterned Curtain Holdback

White Patterned Curtain Holdbacks

Our decorative white with silver front patterned detail ceramic curtain holdbacks are a lovely way to draw back your curtains and to secure them in place to allow light to flow into your rooms whilst revealing a subtly elegant embellishing feature.  They have both an ornamental appeal and practical use.

Sold as a pair, these white tiebacks have a decorative silver front detail which draws visual attention and interest and their white background colour means they will be sure to suit a wide array of interiors.  They are the first in our curtain tieback/holdback range but hopefully one of more to come.

They are very easy to fit and only require 4 screws which are supplied with raw plugs so you can fit them to the wall securely and readily.  To view more on this simply click on the image above.

Celebrate A New Arrival With Our Special Wall Print

Personalised Baby Initial Name Wall Print

Personalised Baby Initial Name Wall Print

Congratulate & celebrate a new arrival with this personalised wall print which will make a thoughtful impression.  It comes with the option to be sent with a frame or unframed as you prefer and also with a variety of prints and colours to choose from to ensure the patterns compliment.  Perfect for displaying proudly in any nursery wall, play room or any other interior room.

This print can simply feature the initial and name or you could add a few extra details including birth time, date and weight.  There is also an option to put some wise words of wisdom to the new addition.

You can create a unique, gracious gift for a new baby, 1st birthday, christening present or Christmas gift.  Each wall print is made to order and is printed on high quality vinyl in a wooden frame with a glass insert.   If interested simply click on the image above to view the listing and details.  We have several wall print choices so be sure to view our other wall print options by going to our main menu page, selecting Home Accessories and then clicking on Wall Prints.

Unique & Vibrant Ceramic Mugs

Mug Definition:



a large cup, typically cylindrical with a handle and used without a saucer.



a person’s face.

Our beautiful mugs are sure to make an impression on you…and we are not talking about our fabulous faces 🙂 but about our exclusive, colourful ceramic cup mugs.

They make a stand out gift and are perfect for special occasion presents or are also ideal if you wish add some vibrancy to your kitchen interior.

These personalised cup mugs come with a choice of an initial and 25 quirky pattern choices!

Great for everyday use for your tea time/coffee break treat!  If you like the look simply click on the image below to view the listing link.  We also sell other designs which can be found on our Home Accessories page tab on our main menu.

Mug with Initial

Mug with Initial

Glitzy Art Deco House Numbers

You can create an eclectic vibe with these Art Deco style house door numbers which fuse modern and decorative features.  They are available in brass gold and chrome silver and are the epitome of Art Deco with their sleek texture and design which radiates an anti-traditional elegance.  These gorgeous numbers are made from solid brass with a matte coloured gold or silver finish which will generate charisma to any house door, entrance or letter box!  To view the listing links simply click on the images below.

gold numbers

gold numbers


silver numbers

silver numbers



Beautiful Crystal Clear Diamond Shaped Knobs

You can inject interest, sparkle and elegance with these striking crystal clear knobs that are made with the finest quality K9 crystal and have a classic diamond shape with a silver base colour.  Available in three sizes you can purchase the one that best suits you (Small is 30mm diameter, Medium is 40mm diameter, and Large is 50mm diameter).  These clear luxurious knobs are one of our best sellers and would complement a wide array of interiors from modern and contemporary to traditional.  To view simply click on the image below.

We have other crystal designs in varying colours and sizes to choose from so if you like the sound of that just view our crystal range by going on the main menu tab on the Door Knobs section.

crystal diamond shaped knobs

crystal diamond shaped knobs

Unique & Sturdy Oak Wedge Door Stoppers

Drive a wedge in with these unique sturdy oak wedge door stoppers which will ensure your doors stay ajar.   They are beautifully finished in a natural oil to accentuate the oak grain material and there is a built in knob as part of the design to help remove the stopper from under the door.  There are six designs available to choose from such as copper, granite, olive oil, beige heart, multi-colour striped, and crystal.  Perfect if you already have one of these knobs in your home and wish to complement that or can purchase to add a touch of pizzazz.   Simply click on the images below to view listing.  If you want to view each individual knob on the door stopper more closely they are also on individual listings on our website as they are also sold as knobs.

door stoppers mix

door stoppers mix

copper door stopper

copper door stopper


Put A Smile On Your Face & Others With These Fun Pots

You’ll put a smile on your face or others with these cheeky, animated quirky plant face pots and plant fruit pots that will brighten up any garden, living space, bathroom or windowsill.  Ideal for summer and spring these fun pots are sure to compliment any interior.  Great for those with a green thumb and for bringing the outdoors indoors!

The faces on the face pots are black and white with a choice of three bright cheek colours to compliment the design.  You can view these by clicking on the image below to view the pots and specifications.

We think these plant pots would make a great home for house plants such as cactuses, spider plants, herbs and many other small plants.

We also sell similar style plant fruit window pots that are available in three designs: Apple, Pomegranate & Plum.  Be sure to view these by clicking on the images below.

Mix and match with our different colours and designs to create a unique pot assortment.

plant pot faces

plant pot faces

fruit plant pots

fruit plant pots

Modern Contemporary Copper Cupboard Door Knobs

Shape up and shake up your interior furniture with our brand new elegant and contemporary, round, square and hexagonal shaped copper cupboard knobs which ooze style and sophistication in a minimalist way.

They are solid brass with a copper plating.  They weigh about 160 grams to 222 grams each depending on the shape but we think this adds to their appeal, robustness and strength of design.  They are already proving very popular so avoid disappointment and place your order today!

Please note the Square shape copper knob is currently not in stock but is soon to come in.  Keep your eyes peeled for this and be sure to click on the image below to view the listing and specifications.

hexagonal, round, square copper knobs

hexagonal, round, square copper knobs

round copper knob close up view

round copper knob close up view

Transform Your Dining Room Furniture With Metallic Coasters

Transform and dress your dining room furniture with these copper, silver or gold plated hammered coasters that will add a touch of elegance to your interiors.  Perfect if you already have a copper, silver or gold theme or if you have a mix of metallic accents or can also pair them with raw, natural materials like wood to create a style.  The hammering effect also creates texture and as a metallic colour it is sure to remain a timeless look.  If you are looking at copper, you can pair these with our copper hammered knobs and or our copper hammered light pulls or if you are looking at the gold or silver we also sell silver or gold hammered light pulls.   Be sure to click on the image to view the listing and specifications of the coasters and material.

hammered coasters

hammered coasters

Make Your Furniture Fun & Unique With These Colourful Knobs

You can show your colours with these modern vibrant, colourful and robust cupboard knobs that will bring the shades of summer into your home!  Simply mix and match colours to create a bespoke unique and fun look or have the same colour throughout to add an injection of colour to your bedroom furniture, cabinets, wardrobes and or cupboards.  Perfect for colour themed rooms or for revamping plain furniture.

These knobs are sold individually, are easy to install and are available in assorted colours and come in three base colours.  You can select from satin silver, gunmetal black or antique brass bases to complement your interior.

View the colours and bases by clicking on the image below!

colourful knobs on chest of drawers small

Colourful Knobs

New Metallic Light Pulls That Will Shine & Shimmer

Add a touch of gold, silver or copper with these lustrous metallic coloured light pulls which are sure to enhance any interior with glamour, shine and sophistication.

These stylish light pulls come with a hammered effect and are metal plated.

You’ll be pulling strings!  Well on jute rope to be exact as these light pulls come with the rope knotted to the pull part as you can view from the image below.  Light pulls are an essential part of any bathroom as they provide a safe way of switching on or off the lights in a steamy room and our gorgeous metallic range eliminate the need to touch the switch whilst adding decadence to your home and bathroom.

Be sure to check them out by clicking on the image below!

metallic light pulls copper gold and silver wth rope

Metallic light pulls in copper, gold & silver with rope.

Pushka It’s Your Birthday, Happy Birthday Pushka!

Happy Birthday Pushka Home! 

Birthdays are a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year.  It is also a time to look forward to the future.

Today we celebrate our 7th birthday since we started trading in 2009. However, this is a special birthday as it’s our 1st as a homeware company.  In January this year you may have noticed our logo changed along with a name change from Pushka Knobs to Pushka Home.  This is due to our exciting expansion of product lines.

Our director holding a yummy caterpillar cake and blowing candles.

Our director holding a yummy caterpillar cake and blowing candles.

We are expanding into homeware products and have lots more interesting things to come such as door knockers, shelving, and furniture.  Make sure you look out for these on our website new arrivals page!

You can also sign up to our mailing list by registering on our login/ create an account tab on our main web page in order to receive offers and e-mails (see link below).  You can also follow us on our Instagram account, Twitter or Facebook.

Pushka is also the name of our cheeky and cute office pet hamster whom you can see pictured below enjoying and taking part in the celebration.

Our pet hamster celebrating Pushka's 7th Birthday

Our pet hamster wearing our new logo on party hat.

We wish Pushka Home many more years of prosperity, happiness and that it keeps bringing customers joy of transformation, creativity and inspiration to their homes.  Thank you to all our Pushka customers for seeing us into another amazing year.  Here’s to you.


Pushka Home Team


Grand Designs Live 5 Years Ago!!

It’s strange how things only seem like yesterday! 5 years ago at our first Grand Designs Live show. We only stocked 60 designs and got a last minute stand which was far more space than we needed but we went for it and had a great show. It was a great buzz seeing people interact with the product for the first time and a great learning curve! Great times!

lucy grand designs


OK, confession time, what do you put your drinks down on at home? A magazine, the gas bill, or an old curled up leather souvenir coaster from someone’s holiday 20 years ago? If any of these sound like your furniture protection of choice then it is time to update, and here at Pushka Knobs we have added a new line to join our ever popular door and drawer knobs and coat hooks, a new range of ceramic coasters.

Drinking of all types has been long associated with pleasure, and often great company. We even have the stock phrase of “a nice cup of tea”. Coffee mornings with friends, homemade lemonade with the children on a hot summer’s afternoon, or a warming hot chocolate following an autumn bonfire. And that’s just some of the non-alcoholic choices. So with drinks being such an important part of our daily life it really is time that we gave where we put them a little more respect. We all have our favourite mugs, cups and glasses, and now, at last, coasters are getting a long awaited makeover. Our new range of ceramic drinks coasters are available in a wide range of personalised themes, including family, bride & groom, wedding cloud, memorable day, dad, mum, a choice of 30 inspirational sayings, and Pushka favourites, the London Underground.

Coming soon, we will also have a fully customised service, where, just like our bespoke knobs, you can upload your own photographs or artwork to create your own truly personalised coaster sets. The perfect gift, commemoration, or an ideal update for your own home—we can’t think of a better excuse for putting the kettle on!

Peronalised "The Day" coasters London Underground coasters

Music Lover? Even our Doorknobs and Coat Hooks are!

As a country we have to be among the most ardent music lovers, with every summer seeing yet more fans flock to the widest range of festivals imaginable. From the not for the feint hearted Download rock festival to the family friendly glamping extravaganza of Suffolk’s Latitude, and of course, the daddy of them all, Glastonbury, all popular music tastes are catered for at these events. And you may have already guessed, from our traditional musical manuscript adorned cupboard knobs and coat hooks, that there is an altogether different type of music festival close to our hearts. One festival, that for longevity, total audience numbers, new works performed, and, most recently, for incredible innovation and creativity, can put all these in the shade. We are, of course talking about the annual classical music pilgrimage to the Royal Albert Hall for the Proms.

Now in their 120th year, the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts are a series of predominantly classical music that run for eight weeks every summer at the Royal Albert Hall. Part of the Proms mission has always been to bring great music to the masses, and for that reason the promenade tickets (what would normally be the stalls, but for this series the sets are taken out and part of the audience stands) are sold cheaply on the day on a first come first served basis. This idea came from free concerts in pleasure gardens, where people were free to walk around, enjoying the music in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Recently, the Proms has really worked hard to deliver not only the best in classical music but also to introduce it to young people, with recent highlights being the Horrible Histories and Wallace & Gromit Proms. This year, tying in with his current level of popularity, the Sherlock Holmes Prom will pay tribute to this great fictional character’s love of the violin. Along with these initiatives, the Proms also run workshops, including this year a choir practice for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, as well as late night and Sunday afternoon concerts.

And don’t forget of course, one of the biggest annual events in the classical music world closes this annual festival. And if the Last Night of the Proms strikes a resounding traditional chord with you, then our Union Jack drawer knobs will be the ideal lasting memento!

Reveal Your Personality With Our Custom Coat Hooks

Did you know that your favourite colour can reveal your personality? Colour psychology and theory is a much studied subject, and its leading exponent, Faber Britten wrote 24 books on his studies. Our new custom colour coat wall hanger hooks can be hung in every room in the house. They will not only reveal your personality but could also be a fun way of trying to guess those of your guests.

Britten worked on a limited palette of nine colours, excluding black and white. Our choices can blur the lines as the range is so extensive the personality types could well run into one another—where does blue stop and become purple, when does burnt orange become brown and so on? And of course, many of us will have different favourites on different days, but here, just for fun, is a snapshot of Britten’s findings:

RED –not surprisingly, this is the colour of extroverts, those with desire, and a hunger to live life to the full. Somewhat aggressive, quick to show feelings and emotions (which often change), impulsive, and may be sporty. Life is meant to be fun, you hate boredom, and you’re not shy in letting people know your opinions. Why not use this colour as an accent in your kitchen or bedroom.

ORANGE—sociable, good natured, make friends easily, but you prefer friendliness and companionship rather than more intense relationships. A natural politician, great with groups of people and small talk, but not one for serious thought or discipline. A Warm and inviting shade so why not hang it in your hallway or porch.

YELLOW—is the colour of idealism. You have deep thoughts and you use them. You may appear aloof, but are not shy, and never get rattled. You are good at logical thoughts, and formulating ideas.

GREEN—outspoken, steadfast, respectability and social standing is important to you. You are resistant to change, tend to keep the same set of friends, often through social organisations, and love food.

TURQUOISE—fastidious, with good taste, dressing well and enjoying great food. Poised, self-controlled, needing love and admiration. You could be a little vain, but always charming! This colour would look gorgeous in a bathroom

BLUE—you long for calm and serenity, with everything orderly and neat. Introverted and introspective, also highly diligent, accepting your responsibilities and obligations. Emotionally secure and sensitive to others.

PURPLE—the art colour, both those that create and those that enjoy creativity. Temperamental, passionate and unique. Purple people want courtesy, affection and fairness for all.

BROWN—steady, conscientious, but also obstinate. Frugal, responsible and sensible. Thoughtful and reflecting rather than impulsive and quick thinking. Brown can also be very sensuous people.

PINK—affectionate, romantic, gentle and with great inner conviction. It can also show naivety and a yearning for childlike innocence. Pink also shares some of the vanity and emotional qualities of its main constituent colour, red.

A quick check here revealed a strong three out of four matches, with one orange being scarily close to the truth. With our colour custom service you can find your true colour, on which you can hang far more than your personality!


Let the Royal Academy Summer Show Unleash Your Creativity

Running for nearly 250 years, the Royal academy Summer Show is the most democratic art exhibition in the world. In an otherwise rarefied atmosphere of exclusive galleries and elitist auctions, the Summer Show invites submissions from the public to make up almost half of the annual exhibition. Students, hobbyists and people famous in other fields (this year Harry Hill and Una Stubbs) have their work submitted anonymously to a panel who, at breakneck speed whittle down some 12,000 hopefuls to the final selection of 400, to join the work of established, invited artists.

The democratic nature of the event doesn’t stop there. Money raised from admission fees and from the sale of the works of art fund free places for students at the RA’s schools. We love this idea of encouraging everyone to have a go at being creative. It is there in all of us, we just sometimes need a little guidance to bring it out. To celebrate this we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Decoupage—the art of layering paper images onto a solid surface. Lord Byron was a fan and covered screens with images of another of his passions, bare knuckle boxing. Obviously not to everyone’s taste, but finding the images you like is part of the fun. The work is finished with layers of varnish, giving a warm, aged look, and giving the finished object strength, making it ideal for transforming furniture. Some of our vintage ceramic knobs would complement this style perfectly.

Block Printing—easily available, and one of the easiest forms of printing, either on fabric or solid surfaces. Many blocks will be Indian, with some amazing paisley patterns, or simpler, repeating batik styles. For a nice first project, how about block printing a length of wood about 15cm wide as a back board for some of our lovely new coat hooks?

Colouring In—don’t laugh, this is becoming a popular, therapeutic pastime for adults, and it works. If anyone has helped young children with their colouring books you will know how addictive this can be. And let’s face it, painting by numbers was always accepted by adults. Colouring in allows you to be far more creative, not being restricted to a colour guide. Good quality artist’s pencils are a joy to use, so get some key colours and a specialist colouring in book (check the Guardian newspaper who often run adult colouring in pages) and if anyone laughs at you doing it, give them a go, we guarantee they’ll get hooked too!

Back to the RA Summer Show, this year for the first time all of the exhibition is available online via the RA’s exhibition explorer so those that can’t make it this year can still get inspired for a summer of creativity.

The Dos and Don’ts of Upcycling

Upcycling is now a well-established way of reviving much loved items around the home. From some stunning examples of clothing being completely re-worked on the Great British Sewing Bee to much simpler, yet as effective upcycling like reviving a tired chest of drawers with a set of new handles.

As with any idea that takes off (especially one that ends up with TV series devoted to it), there can be pitfalls for the unwary upcycler, and we hope that these simple guidelines will make the whole experience enjoyable for you.

Keep it Simple

It is all very well seeing these amazing dressmakers on the Sewing Bee completely transforming an elderly overcoat into a stylish woman’s suit, but these talented amateurs regularly display a jaw-dropping level of skill that is beyond many experienced sewing hobbyists. So don’t worry if the thought of transforming an old pair of jeans into a baby’s romper suit fills you with dread, make some funky faded denim bunting for baby’s room instead. Just as enjoyable, and you can’t grow out of bunting! It will be far more satisfying finishing a small project than having a large one sitting, unfinished, in the corner, making you feel guilty.

Make Sure it is Reversible or Re-usable

Especially to start with, keep your furniture projects reversible—paint can be rubbed down and changed, decoupage likewise. Cutting bits off can’t! Better still, drawer and door knobs can be changed and moved around, as can upcycled soft furnishings. With clothes, if they go wrong, there’s always smaller projects the cut fabric can be used for.

Do it For Yourself, Not For the Money

As often repeated on the Antiques Roadshow, buy things that YOU like, not things you think others will, with half an eye on the re-sale value. Real upcycling is all about doing it yourself, for yourself. The added cost and labour involved will never really justify the price you could sell your finished work for. Buying ready upcycled goods is fine, but it is so much more fun and rewarding rubbing down, waxing or repainting a bargain piece of neglected furniture than buying a finished piece.

The great joy of upcycling is that small luxury highlights will transform run of the mill items. A really stunning velvet collar for example, elevating a humble wool jacket, a set of vintage cupboard knobs updating an entire kitchen. Probably the most affordable and enjoyable makeover you could do this summer.

Mike Howell, Wordcrafting

Bringing the Outdoors Inside For the Great British Summer

If, like us, you are looking forward to the Great British Summertime, but are determined not to let our unpredictable weather get in the way, let us share with you some of our ideas, including using our knobs and accessories to bring the outdoors inside, enhancing and extending this wonderful season.

The Chelsea Flower Show is always the first fanfare of the oncoming season, and this year provided some amazing inspiration. Dan Pearson’s Best in Show with semi wild planting of teasels, red Campion and buttercups against a magnificent backdrop of stone was a thoroughly deserved winner. Flowers of course have long been a favourite way to bring the outdoors inside, and one of our perennial favourites at Pushka Knobs is our set of six pastel ceramic flower drawer knobs, know with matching hooks. The other great way to get creative with flowers is to send us your favourite floral images—photographs, drawings or, best of all, pressed flowers, and we can create your own unique knobs, printed with your image.

Of course, one of our favourite places to be on a glorious summer’s day is the seaside. This is also one of the most popular outside/inside motifs, but if the full driftwood, pebbles and seashells look is a bit too much we have some much subtler finishing touches. Our (currently reduced) striped mortice door knobs, are reminiscent of the smartest of deckchairs, and our pretty candy stripe cupboard knobs are a far healthier and longer lasting memento than a stick of rock!

So if you are off to any of the great summer events—Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, Glastonbury, or one of the lesser known, but equally wonderful highlights of (Glastonbury aside) what used to be “The Season” (the Henley concerts and the Royal Academy show are both must-sees) have a great time, and let us know what inspires you. Otherwise, join the rest of us making a jug of fruit cup, grabbing a bowl of strawberries and enjoying the best bits from the comfort of our own homes.

Celebrating Edwardian Romance and Melodrama on World Goth Day

Celebrating Edwardian Romance and Melodrama on World Goth Day

Today is World Goth Day, a day to celebrate perhaps one of the most misunderstood sub-cultures we have. A culture that thrives on the romance of Victorian and Edwardian writers, poets and artists. One that uses, albeit in a very limited palette, the most beautiful velvets and silks in their fashions, and who are drawn to the melancholic charms of gothic and gothic revival architecture (often found in churches, hence possibly adding to their perceived levels of weirdness).

Of course, the UK’s most famous Gothic Revival building is Pugin’s Houses of Parliament, the ultimate symbol of establishment and conformity—at such great odds with those that choose the style as their fashion! Other great Gothic icons include the magnificently carved furniture of Chippendale and, importantly, the art of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, whose work created the “saudade” or pathos that became so much part of the Goth movement.

It is strange that a country that has produced so much wonderful art, writing, and architecture in this style has no direct translation of the Portuguese word for “sad beauty”. We embrace the idea with terms like nostalgia and vintage, we will often be contemplative or reflective. We enjoy the fading of daffodils at the end of spring, and the turning of the leaves in the autumn. We enjoy the winding down of our surroundings at dusk, the murmuration of starlings going home to roost. These are the things that slow us down. They are gentle and quiet, the iridescent shimmer of a crow’s plumage compared to the garish colours of a macaw, the heartbroken ballads of Billie Holliday to the brazen pop of Beyonce.

So let’s celebrate our inner Goth, introducing flashes of crystal to dark wooden furniture, using our beautiful vintage clock face knobs to create an Edwardian theme, or create your own Pre-Raphaelite style images with our personalised service. And don’t be scared the next time you encounter a group of Goths, they are an introverted, peaceful lot (although you may want to avoid their questionable taste in music)!

Black ceramic cupboard knob (2)black crystal glass cupboard knob

Relive Your Baby’s Precious Moments with our Drawer Knobs

3:27 Saturday morning. Go on dad, it really is your turn this time. REALLY!

Blurry eyed, still half asleep, and just the tiniest bit groggy from that one last glass of Pinotage—well it was Friday night after all, but babies are no respecters of even the mildest hangover!

Into the nursery and it becomes immediately obvious that a nappy change is required. Groggy quickly turns to grumpy, but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

Baby up on the changing mat and she giggles at you. The mood lifts a little. Then, going for the fresh nappy you spot the drawer handles—her footprint taken just hours after she was born.  It is tiny, and in that moment you realise, in just a few short weeks, how this adorable addition to your life has changed and grown. The grey fug lifts, and job done, you snuggle into one another. Baby settles back down in her cot and you stay there, just being close.

6:30—what’s going on? Half an hour past her normally regular as clockwork morning feed, and the other side of the bed is empty. Up you get and quietly cross to the nursery. There, two blissfully sleeping bodies, dad on the floor with one arm in the cot, and baby with one of his fingers firmly grasped in her tiny little fist. Go on, make the most of the moment, straight back to the still warm bed for a well-deserved lie-in!

Have you captured some of these precious moments and don’t know what to do with them? Instead of allowing those hand or foot prints, first tooth grins, and other landmarks in your baby’s progress to languish inside a drawer make them a feature on the outside. Use our bespoke service to create a unique and affordable way to display these wonderful mementoes.

baby picture

Bespoke Office Door and Cupboard Knobs – Corporate Style for Small Business Budgets

People love brands, and our unique bespoke door and drawer knob service can help even the smallest of companies, B&B’s, shops and small offices create a level of branding that would have previously only been available to the largest corporations with large marketing budgets to spend.

Get your brand right and people will want to be part of it. There is a huge market for retro tin advertising hoardings, collectors pay good money for vintage promotional items, hundreds of thousands of people walk around with meaningless Japanese text on clothes made by a British company. People buy flights and cosmetics from a man who started life selling records, and spend millions on updating stylish music players, phones and tablets from a company that is essentially still a niche computer manufacturer. Most of these people could probably not tell you why they chose to buy from that particular maker, and in the case of Apple and Superdry, they are also happy to pay premium prices for their goods. It is all down to an emotional response that these brands have carefully nurtured, and, if you are a small business, one that you can use to great effect.

Small companies are actually the best positioned for creating brand loyalty. You are much closer to individual customers who can get to see your passion and commitment to your product or service. It is also easier when you are a small company to convey that drive throughout your hand-picked team, and they, in turn, will become your brand’s greatest ambassadors.

Hand in hand with the emotional impact of your brand is visual branding, an area where small companies often baulk at the thought of high costs, not surprising when BP’s 2008 redesign cost over $200 million! A logo is your one essential. Simple, clear, and created so that it will work in a small box or circle for social media icons, you can then use this on all manner of quirky ways to create maximum impact.

We have created one opportunity for branding that has fast become a major talking point, and is guaranteed to stick in the mind of your visiting clients, and that is our bespoke drawer and cupboard door knobs. These elegant 40mm and 70mm knobs are a simple retro-fit to most modern furniture and can be printed with your logo, product images or any design you supply. Our bespoke knobs are an incredibly affordable way for your business to enjoy a real talking point branding opportunity.

corporate logo


It’s that most glorious time of year again… The days are getting longer, brighter and warmer, Easter is almost upon us and you have an overwhelming urge to spend some time in the garden sprucing up that old chest of drawers you’ve had hibernating under the stairs for the winter. This can mean only one thing.. It must be time to make a visit to the Ideal Home Show 2015. This year it is opening at the end of this month at their new home of Kensington Olympia, London.

We are excited to be showcasing our latest Pushka Home range including our cupboard knobs, mortice knobs, coat hooks and the long awaited ceramic and oak bathroom light pulls. We as a company appreciate that with every new season, comes fresh designs and new perspectives originating from our sister fashion world. Geometric shapes and bright colours on the cat walk has paved way for the colourful paint and bright accents that we will begin to see evolve on our furniture this spring. Pushka Knobs can match any pantone, chalk paint or wall paint colour to allow these bright furniture colours to match any wall or tile in the house.

We love to help create fresh decorating ideas for your home without it breaking the bank. If you are bored of your furniture try to mix and match and have some fun transforming your furniture and in turn your home. We have an array of products from brightly coloured ceramic knobs and large bold Murano hand blown glass to a bespoke personalised service of a photo memory printed on your cupboard knobs or wall hooks. Our Pushka designs are unique designs that are constantly being updated and amended to keep up with the latest trends and designs each season. Our bespoke knobs allow us and our customers to bring a design idea to life whether it’s a family photo, a wedding photo or a favourite Instagram photo these can be placed all over your furniture and walls for a truly unique accent to a room.



Personalised map  door knob wall hookGEOMETRIC RANGE 2

How it all started…

At Pushka, we thought it might be a nice way of welcoming our new customers and reaching out to previous customers by giving you all a little background knowledge on our humble yet thriving business here at Pushka HQ.

Pushka is run by the hardworking and dedicated Lucy and Matt. Friends since 2004, it would not be until some years later that they decided to go into business together.

Fast forward to 2009 when a friend of Lucy’s returned from a trip to India with 8 beautiful cupboard doorknobs. A light bulb moment for Lucy quickly occurred, and the idea of importing these lovely little items was born.

It wasn’t that easy though and what followed was months of emailing suppliers all over India. Unfortunately for Lucy, many of these suppliers would not send over small samples from their ranges of doorknobs to an unknown young woman just starting out. But Lucy persevered and eventually tracked down a supplier who gave her a chance. He sent her over 20 of each design he had and Lucy fell in love with these little Indian treasures. Things were turning around and Lucy’s faith was restored.

Lucy travelled around fairs, car boot sales and craft shows, showcasing the knobs and gaining loyal and happy customers along the way. All she had were her sample knobs and a big sign bearing the company name ‘Pushka Knobs’; a little nod to the small Indian village of Pushkar, where her friend initially bought the first knobs back from.

Lucy soon realised her little dream was becoming a big reality and she needed help. Enter Matt. He had an eye for design and detail and brought in fresh new ideas on how to market the company to a wider audience. He also had a garage that Pushka Knobs was now packaging out of. Matt’s help led to the knobs being sold on Ebay, Amazon and a spangdangly new website, Things went from strength to strength as Pushka Knobs joined forces with

Pushka was growing and by 2012 Lucy and Matt decided to travel to India to meet their supplier in person to get a real idea of where their knobs were coming from. Set up in a small, modern workshop, a team of workers were employed to help make and assemble the knobs. The trip proved hugely beneficial as it meant Lucy and Matt could reach past the language barrier and really get into designing and improving the knobs before the export stage.

By March of that year Lucy and Matt were in their own offices in London, packaging and posting from a much bigger space than Matt’s little garage. It was exciting times for Pushka! By 2013 the Pushka team were dedicated to reaching out to potential customers and showcasing their products to a wider audience. This meant packing up the best of the knobs and travelling all over the country to consumer shows including Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live, Home Building and Renovating and Spirit of Summer.

Not content with visiting just consumer shows, Pushka began trading to shops, furniture restorers and interior designers. They targeted trade shows and networked with other like minded people at Spring Fair, Harrogate Home and Gift Show, Autumn Fair, Interiors and Home. Pushka was now importing their knobs from all over the world which meant a wider and more fantastic range of knobs to offer you lovely people!

2014 has brought new and exciting times for Pushka Knobs, new offices and staff, an improved website and a huge range of bespoke, unique doorknobs in their collection and available to purchase.

Lucy and Matt have worked hard to make their dream a reality but without loyal and satisfied customers, the knowledge and advice from others in the business and excellent products to begin with, Pushka would never have gone beyond a simple light bulb moment back in 2009. And for that we are saying *THANK YOU*

Keep sharing the Pushka Love and we’ll do the same…

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It’s Ideal Home Show Time Again!

You’ve followed us on Pinterest, liked us on Facebook and connected with us on Twitter. You’ve gathered ideas, been inspired and had your confidence boosted when it comes to home decor. Now it’s time for that last step in your journey to transforming your home! From kitchens and bathrooms, to bedrooms and basements, from fixtures and fittings to fine food, gardens and the latest gadgets, plus fashion, beauty and gifts, you’ll find it all under one roof at this award-winning show. Whether you have a substantial home project or want to add those finishing touches that make a house a home, the Ideal Home Show  has everything you need. From 14th – 30th March 2014, this iconic British Home Show will return to Earls Court, London for its 106th Year!

And Pushka will be there! Come and see all of our exquisite knobs at stand number 2L29 and meet Lucy and Matt who will be able to help and advise you on the best knobs for your project, big or small!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

The Pushka Team

Come see us at the Spring Fair!

Come and Visit us at the Spring Fair this week and next at Birmingham NEC!

We will be showing our new and exclusive Bespoke cupboard knobs as well as an insite to our new London Range!

We will be exhibiting over 400 designs ranging from cupboard knobs, to mortice door knobs!

For more information please visit:

See you there! Pushka Knobs

Springfair international inspiring buying - 2-7 February 2014, NEC Birmingham, UK
New designs1

Professional job, half the cost :)

Do you have tired looking furniture but lack the funds to replace it? Fear not, Pushka are on hand to help you revamp your old dressers and cupboards for a fraction of the cost whilst giving you a sense of pride at what you can achieve. All you need to do is choose your paint colour and finish it off with some gorgeous new knobs!

Watch this video with Annie Sloan for step by step instructions on how to achieve that shabby chic, vintage cottage look.

FAQ – Check in for all your door knob queries

Are door knobs sold in pairs?

Yes they are sold as pairs and many door knobs only work as pairs. The exceptions to this are centre pull knobs and cupboard knobs which are sold as single items. For prices, visit our website

What size door knobs do I need?

If you have standard size doors (1980 x 760mm), or close to standard size doors, then you would require the 50mm diameter knobs. We sell larger door knobs up to 75mm in diameter for external doors and large internal doors. Pairs of door knobs do not generally go above 75mm in diameter as they need to be set back far enough from the edge of the door so your fingers do not get jammed between the door knob and the door frame. Of course size is down to your choice and aesthetics. If you are uncertain of the size, we suggest you make a paper cut out and stick this to the door, but remember to consider the projection as well.

Can I have one style or finish on one side of the door and a different one on the other? e.g. Bathroom one side (chrome) and landing the other (brass).

Good question! This can only be done if the spindle bar and method of fixing is the same. Generally if it is the same item in a different finish this can be done. If you want to mix styles please let us know and we can advise you to help you get your desired look.

What do I need to make door knobs turn?

Door knobs are all supplied with spindles and the spindle needs to go through a latch. The latch is generally set into the edge of the door, so you only see the facing and retaining plates. Door knobs rely on the spring in the latch to make them spring back into position. We sell a heavy duty latch to ensure your door knobs function at their best.

What are Mortise Knobs?

These are door knobs which fit a mortise lock or latch i.e. fittings set into the edge of the door. Mortise knobs generally have the backplates fixed to the the door knobs and the spindle bar is plain and 8mm square.

What is a Centre Door Knob?

A centre door knob or door pull is a single door knob. These do not turn. They are bolted from the back of the door and are generally used in the centre of external doors. These are often the grand centrepiece of a panelled front door. As they are not turning or fitting near to the edge of the door, they can be made larger than pairs of door knobs. Our largest ones are 100mm diameter.

What is a Cupboard Knob?

A cupboard knob is designed as a single knob. They are generally smaller in diameter than door knobs or centre knobs and are bolted from the back. We have sizes from 20mm diameter up to 50mm diameter in several different finishes and lots of styles. These act as pulls only and do not turn. They are used on cupboard doors, drawers and furniture.

If we haven’t answered your question here please get in touch. We understand that not everybody knows the ins and outs of knobs and we are happy to help!

How to install and fit a cupboard knob?

When it comes to finishing touches in your kitchen, knobs are an important part, we have decided to put together an article about how to fit kitchen cupboard knobs.  Fitting cupboard knobs is a job that needs to be done properly, as they will be used every day. The final positioning of the knobs can make a huge difference to the final look of the kitchen therefore this is a job that must be done well. You should always remember that when fitting kitchen cupboard knobs there aren’t actually any official guidelines or rules so it simply is about fitting them where they look right.

When it comes to positioning cupboard knobs I would advise that wall unit handles are fixed towards the bottom of the door and also the base unit handles towards the top of the door.  Drawer handles generally go centrally on the drawer front.

There are quite a few variants in the width of where the fitting holes are on handles, so the first job is to get the accurate measurement for the hole distances, as well as getting a central point for fitting them.


History of the Door Knob

The first documented invention of the door handle appears in U.S. Patent entries for the year 1878, when a patent for improvements on a door-closing device was issued to a man named Osbourn Dorsey. However, the use of doorknobs, as documented by illustrations and shop catalogues, extends back into the 18th century.

Parts of a basic door knob.

The traditional door knob has a bolt or spindle running through it that sits just above a cylinder, to which the spindle is connected. Turning the knob pulls the cylinder in the direction of the turn. The end of the cylinder is the latch bolt (more simply known as the latch), which protrudes into a space carved out of the door frame, and which prevents the door from being opened if the knob is not turned. A spring or similar mechanism causes the latch to return to its protruding state whenever the knob is not being turned. Escutcheon plates are the keyhole covers, usually circular, through which keys pass to enter the lock body. If the door handles have a square or rectangular plate on which the handle is mounted this is called the backplate.

Applications and usage

The location of the door handle on the door may vary between a few inches or centimeters away from the edge of the door to the exact center of the door, depending on local culture, decorative style or owner preference. The distance from the edge of the door to the center of the handle is called the backset.

Most household door handles use a simple mechanism with a screw-style axle (called a spindle) that has at least one flat side, which is passed through the door jigger, leaving some length exposed on each side of the door to which the handles are attached. Some handles are attached on both sides by screwing or sliding them directly onto the spindle, and then securing one or more retaining screws (set screws) through the knob perpendicular to the flat of the spindle. Types of household handles:

  • Entrance: These door handles are typically used on exterior doors, and include keyed cylinders.
  • Privacy: Typically used on bedrooms and bathrooms; while they are lockable (unlockable with a generic tool), they do not have keyed cylinders.
  • Passage: Also known as hall or closet, these do not lock and are used in hall or closet doors.
  • Dummy: These types are used for ball catch doors or other applications where a jigger mechanism is not needed, but a similar aesthetic effect is desired.