As the Dulux colour of the year for 2017 has been named as Denim Drift we have created a compilation of products which we thought would suit with this interior colour theme.

Denim drift is all about creating a calming flowing mood with greyish blueish hues which can be paired or layered well with natural materials such as wood, reed, and stones.  Brown colours forge a natural feel as well as go well with blue and blue-grey tones.  Some natural earthy brown shades can be found in various woods as well as granite stone and leathers to give you some examples.

Why not add this effect with our beautiful smokey coloured brown glass faceted mortice door knobs.  They are made from hardwearing quality glass and have a smokey clear brown colour with a faceted design on the glass.  Ideal for all interior design styles and for modern homes.

If you are looking for brown products to inject into your room décor we also have a wooden push pull door pair as well as gorgeous granite stone knobs and some leather hooks and knobs.  Another product we have that would fit within this style would be our Labrador granite stone cupboard knobs which suit many types of furniture as well some gorgeous grey toned assortment of knobs which would complement brown and blue colours.

Just click on the images below to find out more or can also find more wonderful grey products using the link at the bottom.

Smoked Glass Mortice Door Knobs

Wooden Beehive Internal Push Pull Door Knobs

Alphabet Leather Coat Hook With Gold Lettering

Large Brown & Dark Navy Blue Cowhide Leather Cupboard Door Knobs

Antique Labrador Granite Stone Knob

Grey Ceramic Cupboard Knob

Our Cream Crackled Mortice Door Knobs Set A Traditional Look

Our cream ceramic crackled mortice door knob pairs will be sure to spruce up your doors with their classic and timeless crackled style.  The pair features a crackled effect and comes with an antique brass base colour.  Ideal for a traditional look to any home interior.  Their cream colour ensures that they go with many colours and styles.

Two great advantages of our ceramic mortice are that they are hardwearing to make it more robust and comes spring loaded along with being supplied with their fixings.  If you are looking for more of a white tone then we also have a similar white crackled mortice pair with a silver base colour if you prefer (see product P108).

If you would like to find out more on the cream crackled mortice just click on the image below.

Cream Crackled Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs with Antique Base

Create A Harmonious Subtle Look With Our Beige Mortice And Cream Drop Pulls

Whilst at first thought beige may appear like a plain jane it is actually a great colour choice with some subtle beauty and has a helpful attribute that it can go with almost anything.

Understandably some people may dismiss, or overlook beige interior décor as they may feel it is overused or consider it a simplistic colour but if you have this sentiment then the same could be argued for any other light and white colour tones so it all just depends on how you execute the look. You can create a unique bespoke appearance by layering beige tones or contrast beige with other colours for a lively look.

Beige shades can really pop and work well when used with other colours that can be used to accentuate contrasts.  You can do this with beige by adding different decoration accessories that have beige and can layer up different light and beige colour decorations such as tan, buff, cream and khaki but you can also mix it up and make it stand out with blues and blue green colours like turquoise or other bright colours such as pinks and reds for a touch of elegance.

The best asset of beige is that it complements its surroundings for both traditional and modern interiors alike.

Why not try our pretty beige mortice door knob pairs with our cream ceramic drop pull door knobs to create the perfect, timeless and harmonious background in your home?  If interested just click the photos below to find out more or to view more of our beige and cream products just enter the words on our search engine to view an assortment of items.

Beige Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

Cream Ceramic Drop Pull

Make Your Room Look Contemporary, Light & Airy With Our Glass Knobs

Glass can be incorporated into any interior in a variety of ways through architecture in large windows, doors, walls or conservatories but can also be done by adding glass decorations scattered about in a creative manner.

Using glass decor is an effortless way to transform a space as it provides an endless array of choice of products with which you can add glamour as well as bringing light in.  A wonderful advantage of this type of material is that it allows natural and artificial light to pass through it thereby creating and accentuating spatial light and awareness.  The other advantage is that as it is transparent it goes with many types of interior design.

If you are looking for a quick way to make your room, living room or hallway look larger, more airy and contemporary then our faceted glass décor such as our beautiful clear glass door knobs and cupboard knobs are a great way to complete this look.  If you were looking for another type of glass we also sell stunning crystal door knobs and handles.

To find out more on the below pictured items just click on the photos.

Glass Mortice Door Knobs

Clear Faceted Glass Cupboard Door Knobs

Clear Glass Mushroom Cupboard Knob

Sophisticated Timeless Clock Face Mortice Door Knobs Pair & Matching Knob

You’ll be sure to clock up some fans with these unique mortice door knobs that feature a white with black clock face design that elegantly displays the word Paris on it and has a silver rim edging on it.  Their stunning sophisticated look are sure to add lustre to any room, entrance or hallway.

It’s made of quality ceramic porcelain with black text on white and silver which make it ideal for any interior room décor.  By adding accent colours of white, silver and black colours through accessories you can easily transform a space that will be timeless and refined.

This mortice pair comes with a spring-loaded mechanism as standard and has a metal base which is coated in a polished chrome finish and is complete with fixings. The hardwearing mechanism is a standard design that’ll fit any standard door.

We also sell similar matching Paris clock design knobs which suit furniture such as cabinets, wardrobes and drawers.  To find out more on other clock knob designs as well as the mortice pair just click on the two photos below.

Paris Clock Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs P124

Vintage Paris Clock Ceramic Cupboard Knob P71

Insert Your Postcode Location On Our Neat Cushion For Instant Personality To Any Room

You can inject personality and style through personalisation into your living room sofa, chair or bedroom with these snazzy pillows that showcase a postcode location of your liking and add an instant, fuss free touch of originality to any interior room.

Ideal for those memorable postcodes that hold a wonderful memory for you, your family, friends or loved ones.  Sure to impress, these special cushions are perfectly suitable as a one of a kind gift for many occasions or for someone with a new home and or for your own home as part of a statement piece.  They are made to order at our Pushka studio and can be purchased in assorted cushion colours and metallic or black text colours so you won’t be short of choice.

For the text on the cushion you can select black, metallic gold, silver, copper, green, pink or red and have the option of purchasing the cushion with an inner between duck feather for a plush feel or hollowfiber.  Alternatively, you can also opt out of any filling at all and can purchase just the cover.

If you want to find out more on this neat item just click on the photo below.

Personalised Postcode Location Cushion

Inspire A Playful Tone With Our Multi-Colour Polka Dot Spots Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

If you are looking for a way to create or add to an interior surrounding that is light hearted, playful and colourful then these multi-colour spotted polka dot ceramic porcelain mortice door knobs are perfect.  These fun and peculiar door knobs come as a pair and are complete with the spindle bar and screws fixings and are spring loaded.  Ideal for internal doors for rooms that you would like to insert that bit of offbeat vibrancy to.   They can be a part of an injection of colourful accents to your room by introducing hints of colour(s) splashed here and there or they can be added excitement to a room that is full of life and full of colour.  Right in time for summer!

To find out more simply click on the photo image below.

Multi Colour Polka Dot Ceramic Mortice Door Knobs

Create Allure & A Charming Atmosphere With These New Sophisticated Candle Holders

You can help create a special mood any day of the week with these candle holders that will hold your candles in place whilst instilling style to your interior décor.  They can inject an instant appeal and ambience to any room with a table.

These new contemporary, stunning and stylish candle holders are available in solid matte brass gold and copper colours.  The weighty candle holders have a simple yet sophisticated allure to them and are the perfect addition to any mantle-piece, windowsill, coffee or dinner table.  They make an ideal centerpiece to any furniture table and are designed to fit your taper candles just right.

To view more information simply click on the image below.

Modern Matte Copper And Gold Candlestick Holders

Achieve An Understated Elegance With Our Timeless Ceramic Stamp Knob

One of our classic originals, sold since 2009, our ceramic stamp design cupboard knob is sure to make a subtle but effective transformation on any furniture.  These cream coloured ceramic porcelain beauties can transform a piece of furniture with the minimum of fuss as they are easy to install.  Their subdued minimalistic design can complement many interior styles.

You can achieve an understated soft elegance in your home that will be as timeless as this knob by using white, cream and light textured items and patterns to make interesting visual accents and create sensual impact in any room.

To find out more on this beautiful handle simply enter product code P12 or product name on our website search engine.

Ceramic Stamp Design Cupboard Knob

Ceramic Stamp Design Cupboard Knob

Bring Nostalgia Into Your Home With These Retro Striped Hooks & Knobs

You can reminisce of bygone times with our wonderfully retro striped hooks which are also available for sale as knobs and can be personalised with the initial of your choice on each.  These are a modern twist on the ordinary hooks and knobs with their striped pattern and bold lettering.

Fashionably nostalgic these hooks and knobs are sure to suit many interiors.  Perfect if you are looking for an easy way to modernize your home and bring out a retro appeal.

The hooks can be used to hang scarves, coats or jewelry and can hang in a hallway, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen whilst the door knobs can be used to bring a retro look to your bedroom furniture, a wardrobe or your kitchen cabinets.

You can go as big and bold as you like by fusing together various eclectic patterns and coloured items in your home but can also do it with subtle hints of retro by using only accessories.  Just click on the photos below to find out more.

Retro Striped Letter Wall Coat Hooks

Retro Striped Letter Cupboard Knobs