Pushka Home, A company born out of love for product, business, and travel. Influenced by a trip to Pushkar, India in 2009, and stumbling across ceramic knobs, a eureka moment struck. Providing interesting and beautiful handles to upscale existing furniture, in a time when people were cutting back on full scale renovations due to the recession. At Pushka Home every product is carefully considered, every collection specifically curated. With a wide variety of metal, leather, stone and wood materials, in a selection of colours, finishes and textures. Our aim is to enable you to create a cohesive look throughout your home while still allowing the individual rooms to have their own unique style.


The foundation of our business continues to be built on a desire to raise the profile of hardware and its transformational capabilities. From the initial pencil sketch of a product through to the final lacquer process, our products are designed to delight, and manufactured to stand the test of time.⁠


To inspire your home — from start to finish, turning the functional into the feature with our specialist hardware designed and produced to effortlessly enhance your home.We love keeping a watchful eye on product trends and colour forecasting. Our in-house creative director says, ‘Beautiful design can stem from the smallest snippet of inspiration, so we’ll continue to be a source of imagination for you; providing all styles of moods to help create interior magic.’⁠


‘We love our ‘switchable’ Electric range - creating switches, sockets and dimmers that capture both form and functionality beautifully has been a real achievement. Two years in the making, alongside a very talented team, we’ve developed a replacement Mix & Match ‘Halo’ feature; you can switch up an interior colour scheme without having to purchase the whole electrics fixture again - an innovative product that can easily transform when your décor does.’ #SwitchableYourWay – Matt French, Co-Founder.⁠

We are always designing new products – Follow us to be up to date with all the new and exciting things in the pipeline at Pushka Home.⁠